I just followed you, follow me back ! Does that annoy you ?

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I am quite new on Steemit, and I noticed the one phrase that appears in every other comment is "I just followed you, follow me back"

As a new member on this social media, which I must admit is quite difficult to understand at first, I wonder if this type of comment is not simply annoying ?!

Some people don't mind, it is a way of gaining followers and making steemit friends. Especially for new comers.

Others might get fed up of these follow-beggars if their single comment appears several times under every posts.

Personnally I don't mind, but those who just comment "please follow me back" I wonder if they even read my stories. Whatever, as I said I don't mind, at least for now !!

I guess we all have our ways of making it on Steemit :) :)


I find them really annoying. ... But I do not see them as much anymore.

Ok then ! I understand how you feel about that !

I instantly mute them.
Spinal Reflex.

Inetresting the way you deal with the issue !

Consider this

note that there are over 300K accounts?
note that there are ONLY about 13K authors?
note that there are ONLY about 16K posts a day?
running the numbers leads to some very interesting conclusions.

I've noticed over time that vote/follow-beggars rarely post anything interesting.
best just clear them out of my feed so I can concentrate on those who actually write something.

Thank you ! That is true, I've noticed too that they don't post anything concrete.

I immediately visualized this when they're begging you for it :

and then this :

I ignore them. They don't care about what you post, only that you follow them and vote for them. And that makes a follow from them meaningless since that's all they care for.

You are right ! I did not see things that way before your comment.

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Hello ! Same here !

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