Scandal: Tumblr BANS all adult content!

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Times are getting harder for creators/viewers who are into erotic art and, in my case, 3DX. And for many more people...

That's because one of the most important sites for such content,, will ban all (!) adult content, deleting it, close blogs. The ethnical cleaning will start December 17. Be prepared.

This is a terrible act of censorship that shows once again, that those companies don't care about freedom of speech, art and creative culture. And of course the CEO quickly comes up with the term "child-pornography" as a lame excuse, putting all artists, photographers, models that show a nipple into the same pot with such retarded criminals. When corrupt managers/politicians want to manipulate you, they always come up with a good old killer phrase in the first place.

Sorry, i didn't want to get into rant mode. If you want to learn more just go over to tumblr and join the funeral. The atmosphere is really moody right now.

Will the Tumblr scandal lead more users to the STEEM Blockchain?

The current tumblr affair is a great opportunity for steemit to gain new users!
I'm not only talking about the frustrated creators that are going to be banned from tumblr. I'm talking about their AUDIENCE of potentially Hundreds of Thousands!

I repeat myself: Not only people in my niche are affected by the new guidelines that take effect on December 17. EVERY Tumblr member that's used to adult topics - for whatever reason - could become a new steemian. It's not only porn that's going to get removed from that formerly cool blogging platform. Countless people that have nothing to do with nsfw will get into trouble as well, that's for sure.

Currently, right in the moment i write this post, when you look at tumblr, the frustration is on a peak! Creators and their communities are about to leave tumblr and are actively looking for alternatives. New places where they can upload their stuff and build a community.

So far, i haven't read the terms "steemit", "busy", "blockchain" and alike anywhere...

Not. A. Single. Time.

They want to continue on twitter! It's crazy. Steem is not a thing. Even in the hardest times people don't take it into consideration, it seems.

I have no idea how to close this post. I'm not very optimistic to meet any of the 300+ followers i have on tumblr here on the steem blockchain anytime soon - if at all. I have written blog posts, tweets and have my links everywhere. But what more can i do? It's the reality: One huge social network is going down the drain, but steem is not ready to benefit from it.

And you still wonder why the course is so low? ;)

What's your opinion? I'd love to read your comment.

I'm creating ORIGINAL and FREE digital erotic art (3DX).

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Hi Haven, I agree completely. I remember when I found out that Tumblr was banning all adult content, I sat is shock. This is happening across the board it seems, and my questions is, where does it stop? So I'm super excited I found steem as an alternative to Tumblr. And yes, I was looking for other platforms to replace Tumblr and came across a video about steemit. I create sexuy 3D art as well and I'm stoked I've found a place to share my work. How have you found the community in relation to nsfw content? I am following you Haven and keep up the good work. I'm super new to steemit so if you have any advice, I would sure love to hear it. Have a great night and keep it sexy.

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