Will edit your video for Steem!

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Hey Steemians, so I had this cool idea - I edit tv commercials for a living and I thought hey, why don't I offer my services to the Steemit community!

Is this you trying to edit?

The truth is, editing is not for everyone. Some love it, some can't stand it. For the most part I love editing. I say for the most part because I love the art itself, but some of the egos and politics... not so much.

This is me at work.

So if you have some video that you want edited together, keep calm

keep calm and steem on.png

and gimme a shout and lets chat about how I can help you.

If you have any questions, please ask, there are no stupid questions. I'm here to be of service.

Here is a link to my vimeo page of some of my commercials:

Steem on!

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I understand video editing, and I understand commercials. I also understand that every single frame, every second, of a commercial needs to count and be worth the time it takes to deliver the message.

(All the same time, you can't jump cut too fast, otherwise it becomes too quick for the viewer to digest it)

However to truly appreciate what you do, it would be nice for you to be able to show a before and after version of what you've done (without hurting the brand)...

...at that point people could visually see how good you are at basically taking a non-effective video and turning it into something hot, snappy, and very easy for the viewer to get the message.

Maybe the way to do it, is have someone shoot something special for this.... A basic shampoo commerical for product "XYZ" (a fake product) and then show how you can turn 2 minutes of junk unedited footage into a short 30 second great piece.


I see you have a good grasp of what this job entails ;)
Thats an interesting idea... I'll give it some thought. Thanks for your feedback!


The "some thought" is probably going to be... how much time do I want to invest in that.. and how many favors do I want to call in for it..

Well the bonus will be, it will be like a calling card or a spot on a resume for you to offer people when demonstrating your work who aren't in the industry to understand it.

It could lead to big projects... (I know, you've already been on some big projects like documentaries, etc).... but more of those...

What people don't seem to realize is that editing a video into 30 seconds is a lot harder than editing a 10 minute piece. It's like 30X more work. The time line is harder to deal with when you just don't have enough time to squeeze it all in...

Where I think you might do really well.. is if you can start editing cryptocurrency related videos, especially for big ICO's and stuff like that... You'll probably end up getting paid 10X what you make now for similar content, simply because the funds are available. People are raising 3 million to 15 million dollars on these crypto currency offerings. By being the video editor, you could easily make $25,000 or something for a weekend project to edit their video together if you ask for a real percentage of money raised. Making $25,000 for a weekend isn't bad. :)

Just promise me one thing... don't edit unethical stuff. If you don't believe in what they're doing.. even if they are paying well... run away from those jobs. :)


You read my mind lol...
I never really thought about approaching it from that point of view, I was thinking more along the lines of editing Steemit bloggers videos for them.
But your idea is super interesting, thank you. I already have issues with a lot of the ICO's out there at the moment, from a moral standpoint. So I can promise you that if I don't believe in it, I won't be involved.

:) thanks for offering brooooo will keep in contact, my names sway
check out some of my music https://steemit.com/music/@jjjjosue/first-steemit-sponsered-musician


Its my pleasure Sway :)
Cool I'll check out some of your work, maybe we can work together!

Very good....and is it free ? :))


Not exactly, I accept Steem :)


how much Steem per edit?


40 Steem per hour of editing. But depending on the complexity of the project, we can negotiate.


ok ;)

Very nice of you :)


Its mutually beneficial i think, which is what Steemit is all about right?


I guess ^^