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in steemit •  last year
  1. Change the payout structure such that payouts don't cease.

  2. Eliminate the ability to vote down content.

My reasons for the changes are; buried content may go viral post payout time and this hurts the platform overall, over time. Without the ability of down-voting, posts should never lose value (aside from the value of Steem which is a normal hazard we all face anyway).
Another reason is the feuding that has persisted and been allowed to persist, creating an infantile experience based on emotional reaction compared to clear thought. We simply eliminate the button, c'est la vie. Easy? I don't know.
I would rather see a place where if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
This platform was created by people with a vision to change the social media structure to one where we work together and it just needs some experimenting, although I have no idea what would happen if the platform instituted these changes or if they are even possible.
Any @steemitdevs care to elucidate?

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I agree to some extend that payout should never cease. Some posts have value even years gone by. As for downvoting content, as how i see it, is one of the ways to police any harmful content that would go devalue STEEM. I know that there are drawbacks but it works as intended.