// Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is another altcoin //

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Bitmain, the biggest mining pool and maker of mining hardware, beforehand reported, that if BIP 148, a user-activated soft fork (UASF), ought to be initiated, they will isolate the Bitcoin Blockchain through a hard fork. This action would thus make a radical new currency.

This new currency, Bitcoin Cash, would just be made if the BIP proposition saw the light of day, a prospect that was closed around the initiation of BIP91 (SegWit2X). Be that as it may, ViaBTC, another real mining pool and exchanging stage, reported their in any case expectations to initiate the hard fork. This implies Bitcoin Cash will presumably turn into a reality on August first, and turn into its own currency, isolated from the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash, therefore, is not another or second Bitcoin, it will turn out to be simply one more altcoin in the business.