// Bears are loosing grip on bitcoin //

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Unlike past Fridays where we have seen cryptos taking bloodbath, strangely, after a long time this Friday is trying to see Bitcoin where it is attempting to touch the moon and I reckon within a couple of days where it could be crossing the forecasted limit of 3000$.

Be that as it may, I am afraid if there would be another plunge Bitcoin might take before August 1st, 2017.

Nonetheless, I am certain it would not be coming back to the price it has seen for the past 2 weeks.

What do you think, Steem'ians ?


The uncertainty was what was driving the crypto market down. Now that there is some clarity of how the scaling debate will play out, there should be some natural reversion to the previous price levels.

However, a positive signaling doesn't mean the spectre of a fork is gone. There very well may be betrayal and foul play between the parties that drive the prices down once again.

totally agree, but would that be crueler than what we had been see'ing for the past 3 weeks ?