HardFork Film Series - Weekly Progress Update

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HardFork series director @dougkarr spent the last two weeks traveling from New York, to Nova Scotia, to Minneapolis gathering elements for stories within the story of The HardFork Film series.

From the picturesque seaside rocks of Eastern Canada to some one-on-one time in Minneapolis with series co-creator @ericvancewalton, Karr employed his portable three axis gimbal camera and sound package to capture some compelling content.

Over the coming weeks you'll be a party to how these come together.

We've got some incredibly exciting announcements and content coming your way.

The main focus of our work these past few weeks has been to create a cohesive film trailer (more very exciting news to come about this). This ultimate goal for this film trailer will be to share a glimpse of some of our main characters, clues to our overall story arc, and to get viewers (and investors) excited by showing them the caliber of storytelling and filmmaking they can expect to see in our full length HardFork Series. We are intent on generating a massive buzz for both Steemit and the crypto space in general and creating true fans in the process.

Doug and Eric both have begun to craft a series of short stories based on the film that will be published on Steemit soon. Developing these short stories have served to increase the team’s immersion in our fictional world and have proven to deepen the richness of both the film series’ story arc and the complexity of our characters.

(@dougkarr & @andrarchy designing futuristic MMA moves with our kick ass stunt coordinator Brandon Levi at Evolution Muay Thai)

While those two were busy these past few weeks in their individual areas of expertise, filming and crafting the script, the remainder of the core HardFork Film Series team were working on equally important items:

  • @the-alien, Series-Writer & Associate Producer, (and social media/marketing guru,) has been working to help us with the crafting of our story and maximize our overall outreach. He has been like the Swiss Army Knife of our core team slicing, dicing, splicing and making incredible magic happen.
  • @andrarchy, Executive Producer, has been contributing amazing ideas in the areas of script creation, film funding, content creation, and stunt choreography (to just name a few).
  • @nickytothenines, Lead Growth-Hacker, is working to find exciting, smart, and creative ways to promote the film. He just scored a potentially huge opportunity that we’re excited to have him share with you when the time is right.
  • @bakerchristopher, Star & Writer, has begun scripting scenes for the trailer and immersing himself in the role of Vangelis.
  • @jowvic, Cinematographer, has been busily crafting the visual landscape for the trailer.

We also have an entire team of talented Steemians who are working together to help create derivative content for the project. We can tell you, with zero reservations, that the submissions we’ve received have been tremendous! We can’t wait to share with you the crème de la crème of these very soon!

Which reminds us..Do you have ideas on how you’d like to contribute to our HardFork Film Series? If so, just write a post containing the ideas for your contribution and tag it with #hardforkseries. The team is reading each post with this tag and if it’s an idea we can use you’ll receive a special invite to our HardFork Universe Slack group to interact with our core film team one-on-one.

What Are Our Goals for this Week?

  • Continue to polish the script.
  • Release one of Doug and Eric’s short stories
  • Publish an exciting announcement!
  • Continue our outreach efforts to educate people

Yours in the chain,
The HardFork Team

@HardFork-Series is an upcoming narrative film mini-series with a decentralized filmmaking approach to be produced in New York City and around the world, the team includes writer @ericvancewalton, writer/director @dougkarr, star and writer @bakerchristopher, writer @the-alien, executive producer @andrarchy, growth hacker @nickytothenines, the amazing HardFork-Universe crew, and the entire Steemit community. Please reach out to any and all of us to get involved, or simply reply below and we'll reach out!

We'd also love it if people posted about their ideas on Steemit using the #hardforkseries tag, we just want to point out that in order to avoid any liability that we will be assuming everything posted within that tag is intended to be a derivative work of the HardFork series and so the HardFork team cannot be liable for any apparent similarities between the content and the final product.

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This is much too public a forum for this level of intel in a weekly update. We urge caution.
End transmission.


Fork you, CFS!

I simply LOVE seeing all this cooperation in travels creating this movie! I can't wait to see the results of it all, that'll be a treat. I look forward to it too, namaste :)


It's been a fun collaboration so far! Thanks for your support! Namaste.


My pleasure and looking forward to its development. Namaste :)

Amazing video!

I hope you enjoyed Minneapolis! :)


... the swiss army alien man? (-: Getting Sh*t Done !!


With your help, yes we will get Sh*t done. Or humanity will perish.


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He sure is @clumsysilverdad!
By the way love that crazy ass movie!


It was an awesome time, thanks @the-alien!

what an exciting project and I look forward to following. thanks for the creative and hard work.


Thanks so much @cryptobk! Much appreciated!


We appreciate that, @cryptobk. Thank you!

Exciting times are coming:) Really loved the video:)


Thanks @georgeboya for all your amazing efforts and support!


You are very much welcome:):):)


Thanks for all of your wonderful contributions!


my pleasure:)

Very Cool Graphics on that first image. This should be very interesting. I want to be one of the actors in it. lol


Wonderful! Look out for a Steemian cameo casting call post soon!

Awesome, can't wait to see more!

Really nice work Eric, can't wait to see those trailers!

Oh by the way, you have referenced two different tags #hardforkseries and #hardfork-series. Is either one good or did you just make a mistake?



Thanks so much @cryptogee! Great question! #hardforkseries is the way to go!


The Overwatchers sewing confusion again!


Coolio, thanks!



Thanks for spotting that, man!


Nae problem! :-)


Thanks for this. Very interesting. I'm involved in a film too and excited to see how your decentralised approach works out.

Are you considering working with SingularDTV ?

Every day new tech, what an amazing Steem!)

We Eagerly Wait For That :)

Good Luck


Thank you!

I think what you guys are doing is just wonderfull, and atleast its creating alot of exposure for the MMA club, #keepbruisingthoseknuckles

it's amazing, I love it and let me resteem!

Congratulations @hardfork-series!
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I can't wait for this thing to launch! :D

This is an awesome project. I am super excited to see more about it and the final result. :D

Cool project! I'm working within a artists' club. Most of our members are indie musicians an film related buccaneers. :)
We've got singers, instrumentalists, A/V producers, film directors, actors...
We're based in Slovenia.
If interested in cooperation feel free to contact me and/or browse thru related links I provided.
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Thanks @shadowspub, much appreciated!

Wow can't wait to watch this. As for ideas, I think some blend of ruggedized wearable computing, pictorial language software, a custom cryptocurrency and some kind of augmented reality gamification giving the orders could be used to turn any one anywhere into an effective operative (or team of operatives) for whatever bad actors cared to make the effort. Make them think they are playing some kind of next-gen MMORPG that blends into LARPing while they are actually executing real world deniable ops.

This sounds exciting and really different, creative and summersive. Love what you are doing. Would love to have the creativity to contribute! Will scratch the back of my brain and see if I can come up with any ideas worth sharing. Will also follow eagerly. Struggling to find good stuff in entertainment these days! Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

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I really really missed Mineapolis when I went there for a social innovation conference from HK. Travelling for nearly 15 hours, I found it worthy as I was surrounded by snow at the first time in my life! Of course the conference was sp meaningful and my groupmates and I introduced a unique eco tour project under skycrappers in my homeland!

Wanna chill again over there!

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