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I don't have the strength to take it, no need to fake!
The shame for which I sleep and wake
Life's cruelty put me in the oven to bake
I feel like a sad and miserable cake
Just like I'm in high fahrenheit, I began to bubble
Watching my back, I knew I was in trouble
I wish one more time I could fumble
But all uttered sound like a meaningless jumble

Owl wood life bee so cruel
Shattered dreams and hopes
It's knot that eyes haven't sin
Seen enough to not fall asleep late at knight
Butt it rules are sew heartaching
Why the Dickens are some lazy reach
Rich enough to ride on the cruelty of life
Ice simply can't get it write

Maybe it was bought just for me
Because I couldn't pay the fee
And all on me, am covered with it bee
I am neither happy nor am free
Now I have to wear it in my head
Always with me in the house or in my bed
I wish I could beg to let it pend
IT just won't let go even if I bend.

NOTE: The second verse had some inconsistency with words like knot, ice, butt, reach, owl, would, sin, knight..... they were intentional!

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