Steemit Meetup / EOS SF Launch Party

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I'm drinking the coast up to San Francisco for our party.

Thanks for the sponsorship Partiko
A beautiful and fast Steem app...
I'm using it right now!!!

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How’s life, Brandon? I see you’re doing big things in SF and enjoying the @partiko app. Any plans for Christmas and New Years?

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Hey Ken! I spend the week around Christmas with my family. My sister neice nephews. We all kick it at my grandma's house.

So I'll probably be wrestling with the kids, playing board games with my cousins.

My next trip are in February.

How bout you. What's your Christmas scene look like?

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Wrestling with kids is the best. Yeah I’ll be heading over my Aunts house for the large family get together, Christmas Eve is dinner at the in-laws, then celebrating with my wife and sons Christmas morning. New Years we have a party at our friends house each year. I really enjoy the holiday season 🙂

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I've been noticing the large number of Chinese voting pools taking over EOS governance.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 6.00.41 PM.png

@jeffberwick then confirmed my fears in a recent TDV announcement. Hope that this governance model can be salvaged. Unfortunately it seems to have been taken over by statists who have something else in mind.

Happy to support! Let's change the world together!

Also, it would be great if we can say Steem meetup instead of Steemit meetup, thanks!

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Thanks Sida, big things coming my friend. This will be a fun year

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Seems awesome place have fun : )

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