Nouriel Video Leaked - Surprising Assault By Crypto Scammer

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Watch this sh*t-coiner crawl from his crypto-cesspool, in his grandma's garage, to kick Nouriel in the chest.

Also, listen to this moron shill his pump & dump scam-coin on The EOS Podcast

All in good fun Nouriel. Much Love My Steem Friends

PS. It's probably a good idea if you share this on Twitter. haha


Was this message approved by Steemit Inc.?

Which podcast are your referring to? I assume most of them have some sort of moron shilling for a project or another. Which moron? Is there any link between your 5 sec video and random link to a list of podcasts?

I agree, I'm confused as hell on what this post is about. Having top posts like this sucks and makes steemit look less exciting and informational that it is

are you saying it may not be worth 526.79?

I'm happy to be confused right now.

the moron referred to is @happymoneyman with The EOS Podcast

This kind of abuse of the reward pool makes me consider leaving Steem after helping to build it up over 2 years.

I feel similar.
I've been running the largest steemit meetup in SF for a long time and I've considered giving it up multiple times.

It seems like Steemit inc has little interest in adjusting the incentives. I feel like Steemit may be just a stepping stone to other projects that they find more interesting...

This post ruined my day.

how is that ?

The tags 'funny' and 'creative' were used for an advertisement most people won't leave feeling entertained after consuming. I personally know of hundreds of actual funny and creative types here on this platform. Their work, as well as mine, gets buried; hidden away from the most valuable asset to this community: eyes. Hundreds if not thousands of creators are forced aside and in some cases forced away forever so this self described "moron" can promote his drivel to one of the smallest demographics on the internet. This action results in eyes looking to be entertained focusing elsewhere, away from this platform, and that affects us all in a negative way.

Well said.

Same here.

This post is an excellent reminder to anyone who takes STEEMit too seriously. It made me lol, as it serves as a perfect example to any newb of how warped the scales of success on this platform are. I didn't bother to watch the video, the payout line was all the humor I needed.

Anyone who invests, has money to throw away, ahem, invest for the future of the't help it.


I agree, I'm confused as hell on what this post is about. Having top posts like this sucks and makes steemit look less exciting and informational that it is exelent, My friend

Roubini is that kind of person who sticks to fiat even when no one is using it anymore. I‘d like to see one of his classes, I assume that he talks bad about crypto in front of his students.

That’s the power of spartan. Steem will always be as strong as you can imagine


PS. It's probably not a good idea to buy all bid bots for this shitpost. haha

Hahahah, Spartan kicked again!

seemed appropriate to bring it back. haha

HAHAHA. Nice one.
Steem is everything that Nouriel says blockchain can't do. It will rise out of the cess pool.

I'm guessing that this might be a big pile of dog shit. 🐕💩

This is the reason why many still don't trust cryptocurrency.

Yes. And a lot of failed ICOs are because of scam...

Only one thing ... ........... 😁😁😀😀😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is something different


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Excelente post me gusto mucho y estuvo muy bien XD

Those pump and dump scam coin scheme are a usually story nowadays but this is really weird about

Do you want to hear a good joke?

Most crypto currencies

Looks like Karma !

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This is.....kinda painful

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Confusing and weird. I think you might have just wasted a ton of money on bot votes. Better luck next time.

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