Formatting Tips Now Available on A minnow sized way to help.

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Tips for For Formatting you Post

Earlier this week I posed the question "How can a tiny minnow pulls his weight?" I received some very thorough and thoughtful answers. Thank you all! I took all of them to heart. One thing @stellabelle asked was "What are you good at?" I ran into @someguy123 who is working hard to put together a steemit wiki called . He said he could use some help. Unfortunately much of what he needed was way over my head. But to answer stellabelle's question, I think I'm good at taking information from multiple sources and disseminating that information in a simple way. I took information I gained from conversations I had with razvanelul combined it with some research I did on my own and created a wiki page of the very basic formatting features one can use to make his/her post visually appealing.

It's not much... just a minnow sized bite. Please check it out and if you notice any mistakes, feel free to edit them or add to the list. Tips for For Formatting you Post

someguy123 has also started a list of things the wiki needs if you'd like to contribute. This list of Articles for Creation includes:

Steem Services and Tools
How to Mine STEEM
How to obtain the STEEM client
How to use STEEM - explain steem dollars, vests/steem power, steem itself. sending memos etc.
Reputation System
Steem Wallets
Steem Exchanges


This is great to know. Thank for the help formatting my articles.

My pleasure. I fugure since I don't know much, I should at least share wat I do know.

I just posted my latest article. With the help of your tips it looks a lot nicer than my first ones. Again, thanks.

Great! I'm glad I could help. look like wikipedia ....... he he :)

I believe they are both built using the same tools.

Hey thanks, it will be helpful. maybe I can help translated into Spanish

I bet he'd appreciate that!

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