Love from the first sight :)

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While watching some funny pets videos on Instagram this morning, I discovered a new animal that I didnt know even it exists. The beautiful Frilled-neck lizard! I saw it in a video chasing a dog and was really funny. I tried to find the video on Youtube, but no luck. I cant tell you how I felt, but I am really excited and wish to have a couple of these lizards. We dont have it in my country, but only the normal colorful lizards. Also the most people see them as wild reptiles and should not be in the city. Anyway people have different opinions.


Now thats the plan for the future. Once I travel to Australia where I can find this lizard I will surely get it :) I cant explain whats special about it, but it looks like a small dinosaurs. Something different than what I used to see and looks very friendly as well. I have been always a cats person, but the more we live the more we discover. Life is full of nice surprises :)

It is said that Frilled Neck Lizards certainly do their best to look like a scary dragon when they feel threatened, but looks is all there is to it. They are perfectly harmless. I am sharing with you a funny video of the lizard to have an idea :)

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Wow what a beautiful and amazing creature ❤️

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Yes it is very cute :D


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Very cute. From the photo I thought it was much bigger. When I saw the video I was surprised by how tiny that critter is.

He should know better than teasing a cat, though. He's not that smart, is he?


Hhhhh I guess he is looking for attention and now he got it :D

HI @henan! thanks for sharing the knowledge about this animal, i feel like Sokrates know, realizising how much i don't know about the world! how amazing is this !! thanks for showig it to us ! i do agree it looks like a small dragon! bless the lizard, she jums like a frog to get this cat! :)