A long Weekend

in steemit •  2 months ago

Yesterday we had the lunar new year and was a holiday. Today I took a holiday for myself and everything feels like a very long weekend that I cant realize which day is it now. Got some mushrooms and wholewheat spaghetti and decided to make Spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms :) Well thats not the best photo, but just to have an idea. The room was a bit dark and I couldnt get a good photo, plus very hungry and not patience :P


I spent the whole day watching different videos about Affiliate Marketing and Drop-shipping, Seriously I was never interested in them the past years, but now thought about studying both topics to have an idea for the future. In case I want to try one of them. I was selling things in Ebay many years ago, but dont know if I want to do this again. I dont have a fixed job and work from home, so everything can be helpful at the moment :D


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It was long weekend though it was yummy ,and by seeing your post I am also feeling Hungry ,God bless you

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