The Good Days Are Coming

in steemit •  4 months ago

Hi Steemians

I feel a bit weak and sick today. I dont know if it is the weather change or I am just imagining it. The nights became cooler and the days shorter. Soon I will be preparing myself for the cold autumn and winter days. Hot tea and coffee everyday and every hour. I dont know if it is the cold weather or just a habit that pushes us to drink hot liquid in the cold season. More laziness and cats coming under the blankets. Dark days and windy nights. Candles and aroma therapy. All this reminds me of the winter :)

I have never thought about joining any affiliate sites, but started thinking about AliExpress lately. I never believed it works, but I might be wrong. When you go on YouTube, you find mostly everybody talking about earning up to 10.000$ per month with Amazon or AliExpress. Well it takes a lot of work to reach there, but nothing to loose in trying. I am still doing my research, because it is all new for me. In case things work out, I will surely share the result with you :)

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hermano me pasa

Cool and wet here, Summer come back....