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                announced Thursday that it will build a second US $ 5 billion headquarters in North America where competition between cities and countries will begin to provide incentives and tax cuts that could bring in 50,000 new jobs.

The world's largest e-commerce company said it plans to build a headquarters in Seattle. And the qualities that the city must be available, he pointed to the availability of more than one million people with an international airport, and good education and mass transport.

Amazon said land incentives to cut fees would be a key part of the decision, and local governments have shown they will do their best to secure jobs and investment. The Wisconsin legislature recently voted to give the Taiwanese company a $ 3 billion stimulus package to build a $ 10 billion LCD plant in the state, for example.

Amazon's investment plan also gives new influence to politicians as President Donald Trump criticized the company as "a major blow" to retailers, costing jobs in cities and countries. The Wisconsin-Foxconn plant will be in the neighborhood of Paul Ryan House, the US House of Representatives.

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Amazon just built a new warehouse in the town next to me creating many jobs. The place is the size of 2 football fields. The only thing is most of the jobs they created are not that good of a pay but at least it is jobs.


yes 50.000 jobs is so good and this will help so many