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How it looks like on Steemit:

How it feels like:

How others see it:

How your wallet sees it:

How minnows think about it:

How the developers see it:

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Haha, yes, the Minnow-Face!

Well, that encourage us to comment on your posts to get an upvote for the comment. You'll do that right? * winks * xD

Of course, I will. Here you go. ;-)

Not cool.... Mean though..

Well, maybe it is. It does raise the question whether "abusing" the rules is ok or not. In my opinion, it's not really an abuse but I can understand that others might think of this issue differently.

//Edit: Should I add this gif for your reaction?

Very true.... You got my reaction ✌️👌

Ok... On a more serious note: Do you have an idea how to improve the system? Would it be a solution to simply abolish self-votes?

Not really abolishing won't help much...
but one way can be to award 50-50 when you upvote some else and only 20% if one selfvotes and a penalty in reputation .. Or there are many other ways... This is one thing which the core team has to sought out as soon as possible

Actually, I reckon that abolishing self-votes would actually be quite a good move. Otherwise, people will soon start to focus their voting power on themselves mainly. But we'll see how this will play out in the long term.

that's the problem with capitalist economic systems. You put people into a position where they can make money off of the collective and they will jump at the opportunity. That's how it always has been.

Very true my friend. But can you blame people "exploiting" a broken system?

Yeah... Hoping for the best.... As I have seen this trend from big reputation holders.. They too are restricting themselves to upvote good comments now..

People like you on this platform inspire me again and again to work hard .... U know why.... ?
Because I want the same feeling that you got reading this comment . 😉

Haha, I'm not even a whale yet... ;-)

One word of advise by the way: Unlike in the real world, hard work doesn't necessarily pay off on Steemit. This post just consists of copied links from the Internet and I'll probably make more Steems with it than with a carefully elaborated, detailed, well-sourced and scientific article.

Again what you said is 100% true.... Smart work might be an answer to it.

hahaha funny posts good job made my day!

Glad you liked it.

yes mate i like it a lot make me smile :)

hahahahah no mate absolutely not :)

Ok, let me believe you...

i don't realy care if you dont believe me "i am what i am" mate :)

I think the 10 votes should be 100 votes so that the maxium power is reduced, hope that we will see this soon.

Are there any plans to implement this?

Not that I know, but if we cry out loud then maybe one will hear us :)

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