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It recently came to my attention that the Steem license contains some parts that are not compatible with a truly free software license. Thus, I would like to recommend changing the license to a license actually being or being compatible with a fully free software license (examples might be the GPL, the MIT-license, etc...).

If you support this, please let me know in the comments and I will add your nickname to the list of supporters.

Current list of people supporting a change to a fully free software license

A few comments concerning this petition:

  1. I'm fully aware of the fact that there already is a similar petition which was started by @demotruk. Even though I support his intention, I see three major problems with his petition: The fact that he favors "open source" over a fully free license, the fact that he tries to threaten the developers by giving them a deadline and asking people to quit Steemit if the demands are not met and the fact that he demands things instead of suggesting a change.
  2. This petition does not demand anything. All people signing this petition simply suggest a change.
  3. Let's please stay respectful and friendly. In my opinion, the developers did an awesome job so far programming this platform. They deserve respect for this. Let's not poison the current atmosphere by virtually screaming at the developers. Let's try to make our voices heard by a democratic discussion and by showing them how much we care about the platform.
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Took me a while. Agree, so sign me in. :)


Finally some support, thank you very much! :)

I have no clue what's happening, but sign me up. Let's see where this train takes us. CHOO CHOO!!!!!


Don't worry. By signing this petition, you made the right decision.


Right, wrong, all too arbitrary for me. I am just curious about what will happen.