How to give a fractional upvote when your SP is below 500? [Only for Newbies]

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Hello Newbies! Welcome to this community. This post is only for you. Hope you will get something useful from it.

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When you are using this platform via, by default you have to upvote a post or comment with 100% of your Voting weight. You have no option to upvote with a fractional voting weight, e.g. 50% or 30% Voting weight. When you will reach 500 SP (steem power), the slider will appear at the time of giving an upvote and you can choose a fractional vote.

Some facts you should keep in mind about upvotes:

Voting weight & Voting Power

  • Every time you are upvoting with 100% Voting weight, it is costing you 2% of your total voting power. Means if you give total 10 upvotes over a 24 hours period, it will cost you total 20% voting power. In another way, if you start your day with 100% VP (check here) and give 10 upvotes with 100% voting weight each, after 10th vote your voting power will be 80%.
  • Voting power will be refilled automatically. In every 24 hours, your VP will increase 20% only. Means, after your 10th vote with 100% voting weight, if you stop voting, after another 24 hours you voting power will reach 100% again

Though initially, your upvote doesn't carry any rewards (or carry very negligible rewards), every author will appreciate an upvote on their post. So if you give an upvote along with a relevant and good comment, there is good a chance of getting return upvotes on your comment or the author will return back to your posts. Sound good, isn't?
source You can check the value of your vote from the link

So if you upvote on 50 posts along with a comment from within a short period of time, after 50th upvote your voting power will be near zero or zero. You might get upvotes on your comments or some authors will return back to your post but you have to refrain yourself from upvoting in next few days (precisely it will take 5 days full to refill your VP from 0 to 100%). That is not what you expect, right?

What if, you can upvote on same 50 authors but it will cost only 50% of your Voting power? Yes, it can happen if you give an upvote with 50% voting weight. (There is another issue on using the platform excessively; bandwidth problem. Tha is not todays topic) Or can upvote on even more authors post if use much lower voting weight.

As mentioned earlier, from fractional upvote is not possible until you have 500 SP. But there are alternatives where you can do everything same as In addition, you can give an upvote with voting weight less than 100%. So far I know about 3 alternatives. Here they are:

From setting you can choose your desired voting weight. You have to enable slider. But you should keep in mind that at the very beginning very lower voting power (less than 20% or such) can't be used because your SP is very less at that time. In addition, if you post from and use "busy" as one of the 5 tags, you will get a sweet upvote on your post.

screen shot taken from setting page

eSteem mobile app for Android and IOS

It is developed by one of the witnesses named @good-karma . Like busy, if you post from the app, you might get upvotes on your post as well.

screen shot taken from my mobile

chainbb forum

It is developed by the top witness(at the time of this post) @jesta . It is a steem blockchain based forum. Unlike you don't have to enable any slider, it is ready there. Every time you attempt to make an upvote, you can adjust your voting weight. You can see some additional features too (see the picture below). I don't know if we are getting any upvote or not from @jesta after posting from the forum!

screen shot taken from browser

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Really well explained.
It would be good if they could access all educational articles in one place .....
Thanks for the effort.

Very Useful article for newbies.
From this post,I have learned how much can I provide for every vote and many other things...

This tools really help me a lot as a new comer in steemit community.
Thanks for your awesome post :)


It is my pleasure. Glad to know that you are getting help from this post. Thanks for dropping by

Danke für die gute Erklärung zur Stimmgewalt.


Sie sind herzlich willkommen, lieber Freund! Ich bin froh zu wissen, dass es dem Neuling ein wenig hilft.

For the third day now on steemit, iam being captivated by this great teaching for people like us. Please i ask to be your student! Thanks


We all are learning from each others. Means you have something to teach too for the community. Just keep being awesome #untalented

Very useful information about voting power, cost to vote, and vp replenishment.



Thanks for the comment. Hoping that it will help the newbies understanding the issue.

Thank you for the information :)


You are most welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Best article ever i have seen in my steemit life
Now i know everything about steem power , voting power and voting percent clearly
Im new user here
Thanks for sharing helpful article
Thank you @hafiz34


Glad to know that it helps :)
Thank you for make such a nice comment :)
Tips: How rewards are calculated in steemit? Hang out in discord: VOTU

Well done, Doc. I use both sites too ;)


Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know that. I am mostly using

so that explains it. thank you very much for educating me about upvotes and steem powers. Very helpful.


I am glad that it is helping the fellow steemian. You may give a look on one of the post of a witness @drakos : The Secrets to Success on Steemit

@hafiz34, you've done an amazing work here. This kind of post will help a lot of newbies hit the ground running on Steemit. I wish I found this as a newbie. Thanks for sharing. I'll surely resteem this because I have a lot of friends who are newbies.


Thank you. I really appreciate that. Hope that newbies will get some help from this post.
Thank again for your sweet and nice word :)


This post has made me learn, and this is the result. Thank you @hafiz34


Nice to know that. Thanks for stopping by


I appreciate. You are welcome sir

good tips for new user. I am on my way to 500SP and I had been using for a while.


Thanks for your sweet comment. I am also using almost every time. Looks like your pretty close to 500 SP.

very helpful bro, i need more to learn about it.

I have been searching for this for a few days. The first test is on your post. ha ha ha

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Oh No!! Not working..........

Nice post. Thanks for sharing knowledgeable information.

thanks for this doc. really helps


It's my pleasure :) Thanks for dropping by here :)

Tips by @drakos , witness of steemit : The Secrets to Success on Steemit

I was expecting some medical post, but good info given about voting percentage, is there app for laptops?


Yes. It is kinda different flavor. Thanks for dropping by.
For laptop, there is browsers. why you need apps?

thanks for the information


You are welcome, my friend. It is really encouraging that you came to my post and left a comment :)

Excellent explanation, a few months ago for me it was also a big problem.

To all that you have said, I would add only one remark: when you divide the voting power and vote for many posts, make sure that you give the author at least 1 cent, otherwise such a voting does not make sense.


Your point is right, no doubt. But I have seen some authors who appreciate your upvotes even though it doesn't carry any rewards. Anyway, upvotes with at least 1 cent is justifiable I think , for the author and also get something in form of curation reward :)

Thank you for stopping by.


Ya right. Though i m learning a lot!

This information is very useful to others


I hope so and I am glad as well. Thanks for stopping by. Keep steeming.

This post clarifies a lot, thank you! I am still a bit confused as to how you gain steem power and keep track of it, though. Is there a place to see how much voting power I have used (and on what) and how long until I am back to 100% ?? Thank you for your help!!


Yes there are few tools: and
Looks like you are using voting a lot and your VP is less.


:facepalm: Ive been doing it wrong this whole time! I cant begin to tell you how helpful those links are. Excitement over first comments and interaction with my blog had me upvoting on every action to show my appreciation. Guess it means nothing if my percentages are all out of whack and Im using up all the power in one click! RESTEEMING!!!


No problem. Now you know how things work and also know how to track your power. Hope that you can use this platform in more effective ways.

Thanks so much @hafiz34. I've learned a lot in few minutes.


He has a caring heart for newbies lik us.

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Thank you for such useful information. I finally understand about the voting power. This newbie thanks you! 👍


Accepted :)
Really glad to know that you got some help from my post.

Have a look on @drakos 's post about advice for newbies The Secrets to Success on Steemit

Every detail written to this post really make sense. Heads up for you @hafiz34


I am glad that it is helping other users of this platform. Thank you for stopping by.

definitely helpful for newbies like me. thanks for writing this. followed you :)


You are welcome :) Enjoy the ride in steemit

thank you for this @hafiz34. these tips are very useful to us minnows. really appreciate it. now i know what to do onwards. :)
have a great day ahead!


I am glad to know that it seemed useful to you. My pleasure

Don’t you find the esteem app hard to use, it’s really slow and buggy and it freezes at times and that’s probably one of the main reasons I don’t use the app that much. Just use steemit on safari on my iPhone.


I also find it slow, and sometimes stuck. I thought it might be due to low configuration phone I am using. If other people face same problem then may be actually problem there. Hope @good-karma can improve it in future.

By the way, the post is not about the assessment of apps. I am facing problem in busy too! This post is just to inform newbies that there are options available for fractional vote for them too.

If anyone has more than 500 SP, steemit is better for them.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


Come on doc it was a little bit relevant 😅.
But coming back to your point, I think that reaching 500sp is like reaching the first 100 subscribers on YouTube, after that the benefits will start coming automatically.

In regards to fractional voting I just use another site where it automatically adjusts my voting and who to vote on like a bot.

Can’t remember because it has been so long since I’ve been on it. But that site adjusts it or I can do it manually as well.

This is a great post and really usefull for us newbies :) Thank you for taking your time to put this together :)


Thank you for visiting my post. And your words are really sweet :)

I am a newbie. Your article helped me a lot in understanding the basic concepts of the platform. I am browsing by way around it and so far I am positively surprised with the quality of the content. Many thanks.


Nice to know that you have started liking this platform. That's good.
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Thanks for the information

Thanks Doc! Useful information that I'm just realizing. Resteeming so that my followers will also get to know.


You are welcome. And thank you for resteeming this post. Much appreciated.

This is a very informative post for a noob like me. I'll keep this in mind :)

I always give a fraction even when I have 100%


That's right thing to do if you want to cover more authors.

Quite educating,learnt from it. Thanks Doc


You are welcome. I am glad that it is educating people.