Talking about Steem’s issues and Ned's actions

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Talking about Steem’s issues and Ned's actions

Steem and Steemit are both facing many issues, not from a technical point of view but maybe from a community standpoint. If you’re here for long enough you probably already know what most of these problems are, the hell you probably know what I’m talking about even if you just joined.

I think that all the newbies when they come on the platform have to face a massive wall that they will not be able to transcend for an extended period thus the need for curation projects is enormous. Most minnows will only earn pennies even if they write quality stuff while their only chance for some decent rewards is either getting curated by @OCD or @curie or being somehow picked up by a whale but we can only help so few users.

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Probably the only way to get constant huge payouts right from the beginning is if you either hold the stake, which I suppose no one has additional millions of dollars or if you know someone that owns the stake, either one being an option only a handful of people can profit from. If you don’t have the money to buy SP, there’s the option of receiving a delegation from someone, but the chances are low of getting some even if you’re making something exceptional.

There are revolutionary projects like @DTube, @DSound and even @DLive that have considerable stakes to support the content creators but they barely get to scratch the surface.

Besides the fact that @DLive holds the stake to support the community they entirely filed, circle jerking themselves with the delegated power, @desolator one of the creators somehow always receiving votes plus, he’s upvoting his account big with the DLive SP.


Screenshot from @steeminator3000

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I’ve always been against shitposting because those people are both spamming the platform, the valuable content being harder to notice and taking away from the reward pool, money that could go to more deserving Steemians.

But you see, when @Ned is upvoting himself up to 3000 USD on a shitty comment and decides to delegate 600kSP to @Dmania through @misterdelegation I think the fight is already lost. @Dmania is an interface like @Dtube but for posting memes, memes being literal shitposts and because @Ned has decided to delegate them, I can say that he’s directly supporting shitposting.

Screenshot from @clayboyn

If minnows are making spam posts while receiving no votes, the problem is not that huge, but when many notable users start to post spams, then the situation gets worse and worse. Because these dolphins and whales are posting memes and earning big bucks on them, of course, that the minnows get frustrated and instead of making quality posts and getting pennies it’s more convenient for them to post a meme and either make the same with little to no work or maybe even get curated by @Dmania.

The more and more this platform turns into a royal piece of shit as @berniesanders called it.

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Many great projects help the community in a lot of ways, giving the possibility of earning rewards to anyone but some of them could still use some support.

There’s @SPL, the biggest freeroll cryptocurrency poker site in the world, with over 800 players, where many users that are still unnoticed on Steem have the possibility of earning some sweet SBD but @Ned decides to ignore it and delegate to @dmania instead. Maybe I should create my own shitty project with a D from Decentralized in the beginning cause I might get some delegation, it looks like this is the trend lately.

If he doesn’t like poker, there’s @OCD which is supported by @Acidyo and @anomadsoul both of which are giving up on their curation rewards only so they can help some undervalued minnows, but of course, @Ned decides to ignore this project too.

If he delegated some to any of the projects I mentioned, the people behind them would be able to help more and more people, but even if he already knows this, he decides to not give a fuck about them.

I’m looking forward to @Dan to launch his platform both because this will hopefully make @Ned get off his ass and start improving this shit, and probably because @Dan’s platform will be better and I will gladly open up an account there when it’s ready.

As a final note you are the one shaping the reality, if everybody’s posting memes then, this platform will only transform in another 9gag but if we keep on making quality posts and projects, we might have a chance to survive as a whole.




Yeah and I also see all this problem with the vote buying on shit posts.

yup, smartsteem should have to be used or something, but theres no way to enforce that

I was going to mention the EOS future platform just before reading your last paragraphs.

Competition will force both platforms to take only the best decisions and not be surpassed by the other.

I don't know if @Dan's platform will be better, but I certainly think it will help with the popularity of blockchain based social media. We will have to see who ends up being the leader in the end.

Either way, the best for us is to try to build a good community doing whatever we can so this project can find success, whatever the whales do is up to them and they should act with a lot of responsibility giving the magnitude of their actions.

Cheers bro!

Agreed, we can only do our part to improve the platform! Excited to see the EOS platform, it might be a situation where both survive and thrive, but there are some improvements that could be made to steemit for sure

The problem with Steemit is that its reward distribution model incentivizes abuse. Distributing rewards based on user votes is guaranteed to create abuse.

Moreover, there's no difference between an individual investing a million USD to Steem Power, getting a 100% ROI in a year through abuse and 100K individuals investing $10 USD and getting a 100% ROI in a year through abuse.

Actually, it's easier for the minnows to abuse the system, because they go under the radar. So, minnows aren't that innocent either, but I don't blame them. If the founder abuses the system, what can you expect from the average guy?

It's not illegal to abuse the system, because abuse is literally programmed into this system. There's no way around it. But it's immoral to abuse the system.

This system has to be changed soon, because it's a matter of time Steem investors will realize that $65 million USD of their hard earned cash is paid for mediocre content in a single year. When that happens, we will see Steemit and all of its tokens implode.

I'm not only criticizing the system. I have also posted a solution proposal, which is discussed by Steemians at this moment. Check the following in my profile: How to Solve the Reward Pool Abuse Problem Once and For All.

You're all invited to join the discussion. Let's do something to save this platform before it reaches the point of no return.

Lol we have been on the same page today i guess:D check my latest post:D

I recommend it! You should definitely read it guys and gals!

Just discovered you today!! Awesome to see channers on here that don't make me want to vomit my guts up!! ❤

Just posted on almost the exact same thing. It's a shame, but I think I'm going to have to focus on buying up alts to reduce my risk and EOS is going to be one of the top ones I'm going to buy. Wish it weren't so, but don't feel like going down with this sinking ship.


I agree Dlive is basicly a organization for friends circle jerking just follow the 25 reputation accounts popping from everywhere getting 2-3 votes in a day , when they have a rule for 1 vote a day for each user.

dmania certainly loves you lol

Dmania is easily abusable thats problem too !

I know, just buy votes, if lucky get an 80 or so vote for them. Tempting... xD

Yeah, it's crazy how the people behind the project run it. The main problem is that @Ned doesn't step in to do something about it, he just let it happen.

Ikr. i struggle to get votes on multiple streams while they get votes for like 3 streams a day. WTF

I disagree that memes are shitposts. It's just a form of content, if people like it, let them.

This is the kind of crap that makes people not love this platform. It's like we have to turn a blind eye to the bullshit so we can actually enjoy the platform. Not to mention, when was the last time @ned really filled us in on developments or had an open discussion about any problems people are seeing? I haven't seen it.

I'm really hoping things improve around here, people start rewarding the great users and stop pouring money into useless shit that will keep the masses away. I think dmania is fine, but memes shouldn't generate huge rewards imo, unless they are revolutionary.

Great post man, much needed and way to stand up for the good guys and call out some shit

I feel that you were a bit harsh on the whole Dmania thing. Many people like memes, and I enjoy them a lot for example. The problem is that you can't filter them out from your blog not that they are trash.
I could go on and on about how memes matter but that's not the point.
Your stance was a bit obtuse and you think about reiterating some of your statements.

I think his point was that when you compare a high-quality 2,000 words post with a meme, there can be just one winner. And the second point is that there are a lot of people abusing dmania.

the first point is invalid, an image (meme or otherwise ) can have an enormous impact.
Second point is very true. As long as there is a way to a abuse a system, people will find it.

While I agree with mostly everything you wrote here, I still think we should give @ned a chance. Yes, he could do well delegating to projects like @ocd and some other cool ones out there, but I feel we should give him the benefit of the doubt...there's still time, maybe he'll come around.

Plus he's working on SMTs, which could be a major gamechanger. Obviously he's made some mistakes lately, but that's obviously @dan getting to him. Sure something happened between them that made @dan leave Steem inc; but we can only speculate.

I just wish @ned wouldn't let @dan mess with him. If he keeps his head straight then the Steem blockchain has a brilliant future, and there'd be no need to migrate to @dan's EOS.

It's not about that he left and didn't notice the problems, the abuses, the bandwidth issues, and the user retention being at an all time low right now. It's about that he notices everyone of them and does nothing. And don't get me wrong, I understand that it was designed to be a decentralized platform, but I think that's too early to leave it into the hands of nature.

You can't be so sure he's doing nothing; and like you said, this is decentralized; there's only so much he can do. The ones who can do things are the witnesses, and I'm sure they're all trying their bests to make things work.

Rome wasn't built in a day. We're still in beta. We might never be perfect, but five years from now when steem is way pass the moon, we'll probably look back on this and smile.

He controls millions in SP (which by the way is powering down through different accounts) and he chooses to support sketchy projects like @guyfawkes4-20 pointed out in the post. Also, from Dan's main account you can see that he withdrew more than 3 million STEEM over the last 5 months. Just some little facts.

And for the Rome part, I agree with you, but Steemit doesn't have 5 years as no other social media ever had. They either go mainstream or collapse way more faster than 5 years. (Steemit has already been around for about 2 years)

Lol. I think you're a little overexcited about moving to dan's eos platform--which doesn't even exist yet. I think it's cos you're fairly new to steemit.

Whales powering down is something that happens. It's nothing to panic about. Whales invest, whales power down. We'll be fine.

@Dmania is an interface like @Dtube but for posting memes, memes being literal shitposts and because @Ned has decided to delegate them, I can say that he’s directly supporting shitposting.

On point, posting meme is suppose to be for occassional comic relief. I have seen a lot of minnows posting a lot of it. Like you said, they see a lot the dolphins and whales making some serious money with it .

Been here less than 3 months...I have not been paying much closer attention to most of this issues. If @ned really want the community to fulfil its amazing potential, then he and the whales need to be supporting project like @ocd, @stach and others, they make the minnows come in and stick around. They are like the heart that keep the blood pumping and deserved to be supported.

Good job @guyfawkes4-20

"and probably because @Dan’s platform will be better and I will gladly open up an account there when it’s ready."

Steem has its probably but I am still happier with it than any other social network. If @Dan can make a better one then I will happily switch.

The worst part about this is that the people who would do something about it don't have the power to do it, and the ones who have the power don't give a shit...

I agree with you, competition might spark the need for change, but at this point @dan is already cashing out and @ned will probably start doing the same pretty soon. After all they made their bucks for the whole project, so time for the next one.

No one is cashing out on anything. The Steem blockchain has a bright future, bro. You'll see.

Just check the facts, Dan widthdrew more than 3M STEEM in the last 5 months, and other several accounts that they own are currently powering down. You can check out this resource to see which whales are powering down:

I think that's good. Decentralization of the power.

I am very seventh with what you @guyfawkes4-20 convey in the above article, Sometimes the small fish or plangton when they write good, the whales or the like never give upvote to them already trying hard to make good writing and interesting. but their fellow who has great power just give upvote to their fellow, even if the post is not good to see or read. this is the unrest of the plangton and small fish to grow with the dolphins and whales. but this is a useless response for those who have great power to and give #upvote to those small fish / plangton.

I’m looking forward to @Dan to launch his platform both because this will hopefully make @Ned get off his ass and start improving this shit, and probably because @Dan’s platform will be better and I will gladly open up an account there when it’s ready.

Amen to that! There are so much more abuses directly supported by Ned. Someone is having huge delegation that uses mostly for upvoting herself and Ned is not taking delegation away. What a shame! Go @Dan! We need competition and better management!

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

I pretty much agree with everything you said - thanks for naming names - I hadn't thought about the possibilty of @Dan developing another platform with maybe a bit more integrity - if these issues are not sorted I'd happily transition elsewhere!

I think that some healthy competition can only improve both end.

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