STEEMIT - I was the beneficiary of a decent amount of STEEM. I won't say how, but I want to give 30% of it back to the community.

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The first 5 Resteems of this post will get 2% each^. 2% each will go to 5 new followers^, selected at random within 48 hours. 2% each will go to 5 upvoters of this post^, selected at random within 48 hours.

All recipients will be publicly listed in the comments when the transfer is done, so that they can verify I am not bullshitting you.

I currently follow all who follow me, that is how I will be able to determine new followers.

Now if someone can just tell me how I can see who has resteemed this post and in what order that would be great. If I can't then the 10% I have assigned to this group will be distributed to another 5 upvoters/new followers.


^ = If you have more than 200 Steem or Steem Dollars you won't receive this reward, as it is aimed to assist fellow minnows in their growth.


The total I benefited was 120 STEEM - So 40 STEEM will be given to the community. 15 recipients will get 2.4 STEEM each.



Wicked cool of you! Resteemed, upvoted and followed....I will take 6% please!

Lol !


I hope the 10 I listed don't mind, but I identified someone else to give to and reduced the payout of the 10 by 0.2 and gave the extra 2.0 Steem to an 11th.

payments have been made as promised to


and @dardi

Pay it forward people, it is the best way to grow this community :)

Wow!! Thankyou so much! I got excited when I got a notification.. Lol
You are so generous... I just need to learn to how to transfer :)

You don't need to for a while unless you transfer it in from bittrex for storage like i do.

Cheers mate :)

Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciate you! Let me know if you ever need help with something!

To check who resteemed you use and put the name your name in the right side then click social and re-blogged. Have a nice day and great initiative :)

You are wise... Road2w, didn't know you could check that

🌞 the site seems to have a lag these days but it's usually on point. Hope it helps😀

Gonna check it out, thanks :)

@old-guy-photos you have got your 2.4 steem for resteeming

@olly you have got your 2.4 steem for resteeming :)

thank you so much sir <3

Count me in! resteem!

@joseline you have been transferred 2.4 steem for a one of the first 5 resteems on this post

This made my day, this is literally my first earning over here :) Thank you so much!

Resteemed! Congrats on the windfall.

I admire your attitude in giving back to the community, I offer my free IT advice and services on this platform which is useful to anyone that needs IT advice but can't afford it :)

Keep doing what you are doing and the spirit of giving, motivation and humanity will snowball :)

happy for you all the best, I resteemed, upvoted and I become yr follower because I do like to be part of something

resteemed and upvoted :) new follower here.

wowww very nice brother

That's one way to ensure I know you resteemed it haha :) I'm going to sleep now, will sort through all this after work tomorrow :)

It's really awesome that you are helping so many folks out! The world need more people like you! Keep it up!

I'm probably too late for the resteem but I did it anyway!

 4 years ago (edited)

Resteemed! Thank you so much for your generosity.

Thanks for sharing !!!! ☺️🙋
Check out my recent post and upvote if you like it...

Total minnow here. ReSteemed.

my first restreem ;)

That's very kind of you. Blessed be everyone that got to receive the extra help. 🙃


Nice give away now following

Resteemed and UP voted. Nice to hear of your recent steem increase! Also nice of you to give some away. I'm sure anyone who receives some will be appreciative. Have a nice day!

I already upvote, follow and resteem.

resteemed. great initiative!

Can you show us how you got them so we also try our luck?

Hi, I would not feel comfortable giving that information as it may encourage others to take risk taking and I am not a financial adviser so I just got lucky :)

WOw cool. I am new and I did resteem upvote.. Still new here so If I am not doing all you asked let me know. THANKS for sharing that is so cool. God Bless.

resteemed.... if you click on the persons name @mithrilweed you should be able to see it in their feed.

Thats a very kind gesture. Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Thanks again.

Oh lol I'm past the threshold. At any rate - maybe other people will find this and benefit from it. Cheers

Upvoted and followed! Nice idea!

I have resteemed and upvoted, if you get a chance check out some of my content.

upvoted, resteemed and replied - maybe to late but I did it anyway.

I'm in. Resteemed, upvoted, followed, commented... Looking forward to checking out more of your posts.

Very cool philanthropic move!!

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Awesome of you to give back to the community in such a cool way. Thanks.

Great freakin idea buddy

Resteemed, followed, and upliked, may the odds be in my favor! 😂

@kenny-crane you have been transferred 2.4 steem for one of the first resteems on this post

@nepd you have got your 2.4 steem for resteeming

resteem, and upvoted. commented also. 😃
i might not be the first five. but here I am.😃

Well I hope I'm not that late but yes I resteemed.


You 3 are all fairly well off rank wise, haven't checked your wallets or follower levels but being 60+ rank, I ask you pay it forward, find someone deserving and be generous to them :)

in the next 24 or maybe 36 hours I will pick the followers and upvoters to get their rewards, these will be randomly picked but I will not be giving to people who are more that rank 55


Upvoted and followed.

Need more steem for this train... chooo chooo


Please note, I haven't forgotten my promise, just busy at work and didn't get home last night, will pay out remaining STEEM as promised ASAP

Yay! I'm not too late :-) i have followed, and now learning to resteem...and upvote..cheers from a newbie

What a great works.. I am a newbie from Tokyo ,japan. I want to read your information. Thank you!!


Thanks for the support and all my new followers, I will be returning the favor, and over the coming weeks will check you all out and follow you back and upvote some content for each of you :)

the 10 new followers/upvoters that will receive the next round of STEEM will be

Does anyone have a tip on how to pay them in bulk or is it one by one?

Wow this is what steemit is all about helping the community and newbies (which i am myself), i know i am too late but i have followed and upvoted anyway as you have alot of posts that interest me and i am sure others will too, keep up the good work @gummybadger

Very good post friend :)))

I like this concept. Upvoted,followed & off course resteemed

Hello @gummybadger

You can see who reblogged on

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading. 😎


ch @globocop

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