To Sustainable Steemit Future, How Steemers Wiill Grow and Prosper Together with Effective Monetization

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This week we have seen Steem price drop and it has got me thinking. Should Steemit monetize its site to BUY MORE STEEM?

Anyway, since i am a finance guy, i see some potential here, so in this post, i shall show you what other big players are doing.


This is the standard for most website. Check out big brother reddit,

Next up we have the 1.6 billion userbase facebook.

There are a few good place to put them. I am not an expert here but there many ad agency that will help you with page design and ad placement.

Recently i saw a consulting company that charge $2500 a month. They are expensive but will go thought everything with you and use ad mediation for optimal $$$.

Personally I dont like too many ads in my content, but that does not stop me from visiting them. Use it with caution.


For affiliate marketing, I recommend using $USD. It is easy for people to understand when they know a shirt cost $10 and not 0.0158 bitcoin.

The easiest thing to sell are merchandises like official Steem shirt, tumbler, pillow, jacket etc. Put a link in the menu and voila, you earn money.

If u want more money, why not just go all out and add a complete shopping experience, like a shopping mall.

How about a Steemit Store that sells stuff from aliexpress, hotel booking, daily deals link, or maybe even your own airbnb clone.

May not be easy, but integrating cash back in Steem power/steem would be great too.

Huge potential if done right.


Like many games and app, consider premium avatar/background art

Premium emoji

Again anything helps, think how much in app purchase has an impact in FTP games. Steemit is heavily gamified giving higher potential to monetize compared to facebook’s mostly ads based policy.

Check out this "Pay To Win Game"

Most likely he spend all the money to lvl up but in many games these day you can buy skins. Maybe you should sell a super rare $10,000 avatar????

Alternatively you can charge special membership fees, similar to reddit where they remove ads, filter comments and edit avatars.

Lets not forget gifting, although i feel gifting is inferior to Steemit's upvotes.


Facebook have a game section, why not if u have the user base.

Publishing casual games are a great way to make some money. All it need is one tab to link to it.


Did u know that Facebook generate 80% of it revenue from mobile alone?

What about Wechat global average revenue of $7 per user.

Well, Facebooks actually milking money with its super effective targeted videos ads on mobile right now. Wechat on the other hand, leverage on the complete shopping experience.

Anyway before i close shop for the day, i want to say that i read the whitebook and this is Steemit opinion on ads.

Yep, Steemit dont like ads. But that is ok, I have shown you multiple method that does not require an ad strategy.

Thanks for reading my blog, remember to upvote, comment, and follow if you want to see more. C ya.

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I hope Steemit will not need Ads to be sustainable.
Steemit revolutionized social media. If they needs Ads for sustainability it will become a normal and basic social media !


So you are saying, Steemit should ignore the billions of dollars in ads. Hmm, fair point.