How Steemit Is Rigged! Up Vote If You Want To See A Change

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 Some of the things I have noticed about steem that are not fair.

  1. People who hold more steempower hold more power and the original people on steem and the top witnesses hold all the steem power.
  2. Once the people at the top hold enough steempower then no one can ever catch up to them since they can vote on each others posts and the interest will keep them ahead alone.
  3. It appears that some people are either in some sort of a club where they all click on each others posts only or they are using bots to up vote their own posts such as @masteryoda.
  4. I have seen many good posts that have votes that earn no money or just cents.
  5. There is a large gap between posts that get a lot of money and posts that get no money. There should be more dollars being earned in between cents and thousands.

Unfortunately I am seeing steem set up more and more like the federal reserve where the people who started it have the power to create by simply clicking and the people who came in later are just not part of the club.

It appears that the programmers have rigged the system for them which in the end will be to their demise.

I am asking that for the rest of us and all the people to come, that the programmers change the algorithm to make it more fair. I believe that if things continue on the path they are on then someone will create a more fair system and everyone will simply leave steemit and join a true democratic cryptocurrency.

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steemit doesn't seem to have been all that unfair to you:
From your history

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Yeah well It's not all about me I care about fairness across the board not just getting mine like the founders and first test group.

You do have a point but it's like saying Zuckerberg has too much power at Facebook...

On another note, check this post where I imagine what the scenario could look like if companies start to buy SP...they will be megawhales the size of continents!

The whole point is that the whale system or steempower is not a good system.

I'm not sure if it's good or bad, we are just trying to figure this out, I've never seen a concept like this. I do agree that some whales are scary, me being a jellyfish and all!

Good job.Keep it up :)


I'm still new here, however I agree with your post. Its nice!

Nice post. I agree with your opinion. Yes I want to change.

good thought. i hope you are right. finger cross.

Like your article. hope it will come true.

Great post.... very informative. Thanks for share.

Well I say it is rigged. Absolutely rigged. Some one with an I.Q. of the winter temperature can see that.