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RE: Crypt0's VLOG: Steem Dollar = Best Hedge Option During Crypto Market Panic?

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This is a perfectly normal correction. The market will recover for those coins that have valid use cases and hopefully it will shake off some of those coins without a use case.


@grizgal hope you find my excel research helpful

Average BTC correction: 66%
Min BTC correction: 38%
Max BTC correction: 91%

This really puts thing in perspective for BTC from 2009-2017

This is great. I would like to see which drop each set of data refers to and compare this to the current drop. But good work. Thanks

excellent! thanks!

I agree with you that coins with a valid use would survive and recover after the drag down but for most of the coins (there are at least 952 of them) would go permanently down with the bubble brewing.
the opportunities are real as with the risks. We must tread and choose wisely.

Indeed. Picking the right ones set us up for success. Then Hold onto them.

Yep. That's the idea.

The cream will rise to the top.

I agree the correction is really one of shakinging off or shaking up those shit coins to get their acts together. IMHO one would be better off rolling up their value into what I call master coins. ETH ETC BTC DASH BTS XMR ,etc.

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