In search of Markdown editor in Javascript for Web Apps, Steemit, eSteem, others

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There had been numerous posts outlining what kind of editor should have, what are the alternatives, etc. So we have github #185 where Steemit team is currently working on and have some progress, I think we will see it rolled out soon with in-built image uploads.

In this post, I will put down some of my notes and explore some open-source editors that are candidate or can easily be implemented to any web app.

My search began when I have started implementing eSteem mobile application but due to overwhelming requests I stick with one editor which I thought was good enough and released an app. Now that we have eSteem desktop in pipeline, we have more possibilities with bigger screens, better keyboards, mouse, etc. not limited with only touch screen smartphones and tablets have.

There are online tools you can make use of today

BUT accessibility is the issue and user don't want to rely on 3rd party editors or open separate window to have their post draft there. While these editors are useful for short term, we need long term solutions, right?! Hopefully, Steemit team will push changes to public soon. In other case, eSteem desktop will offer alternative stand-alone application for your personal computers with native notifications and in-built markdown editor. After careful consideration, here are last/stripped list of editor libraries that we can use on eSteem.

Potential Editor solutions/libraries

  1. MediumEditor - Steemit is implementing this and I think it is great. What do you think?

  2. AlloyEditor - built with React which is really good for to integrate but I am not sure if they have full mobile support. It is based on CKEditor

  3. Trumbowyg - which supports image upload and have toolbar for people to easily see/access functionality. This is one of my favourite choice, but I am more interested to get community feedback on what might be better solutions.

  4. SummerNote - if you have web app built on jQuery/Bootstrap, it is out of box choice.

  5. Etherpad - export/import possibilities but not as much powerful as others, but it does offer collaboration type of edits.

Which one did you like?

1st is being implemented on as I mentioned.
Which one of above 1-5, would you prefer to see on eSteem desktop and why???

Do you have any other favourite editor libraries you would like to see implemented/considered?
Any specific features you would like to see in long term?

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