Success On Steemit - Is It Really All About Who I Know?

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I'm the guy in the middle in search of that ladder

I have published almost ten posts now since arriving on this platform. The only post that organically attracted the most value was my introductory post which hit just over $5. The rest have so far paid out pretty absysmally. I am fast learning that networking is a really useful way of achieving more votes on posts. I also realise it isn't just about accruing votes. Making genuine connections with people who share similar interests or have identical perspectives is also a rewarding approach to take with Steemit.

However, with that said I see posts that attract $5 or $10 that are the most lazy form of post that offer no real value. Why is that? Well, to answer my own question I assume it's because the shitposter has made a valuable connection, and I mean valuable in the financial sense. Am I jealous? Absolutely.

However, I am also concerned by what really drives this platform. I had hoped that posting original and quality content would be at the heart of making me and Steemit a success, but I think I'm right in saying that it really is more about who you know than posting good quality posts. Which is a shame in many respects. I would have liked it to be the other way round, i.e posting quality content will get you a decent reward but networking will help bolster your success not actually determine your success.

I understand that there is auto voting and bot votes from whales, although I know that most vote bots have either shut down or if used on a post that post might well get flagged. I like the fact that the community has rid the platform of vote bots which I understand flooded the whole Steemit platform at one stage, I can see how that wasn't healthy for the eco-system. But I can also see that support for posts which might involve some kind of exchange of payment or exchange of favour is simply taking advantage of the innovative environment that I think Steemit prides itself on.

If you're that person in the image who has surmounted the wall and now stands on top of it smiling good for you. Whatever the deal is around here I hope I can work it out and generate more support and more serious rewards. If you stopped by to read as always thank you for your time, it's always appreciated.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


Certainly getting to know people and making connections is a big part of Steem.

But my view has always been that it is also about adding value, providing something useful to the chain - be it content or a service.

Hi @pennsif yes I agree, adding legitimate value to the chain I'm sure will attract recognition and more support.

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Yes I agree with @pennsif but no the posts I was referring to were not memes. I appreciate your words of encouragement @holovision thank you for that. No I wasn't aware of whitelists so thank you for bringing that to my attention, and that's very kind of you to invite me to the Minnowbooster whitelist if I don't get an invite by the end of the month. However, can I ask what the benefits of being on any given whitelist are?

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Hey bud no worries, thanks for remembering I really appreciate it.

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I would really appreciate you sponsoring me to become a member of the Steem Basic Income initiative. I have just read through that link and it is a fantastic way to help people like me. In addition to the share I would receive through your sponsorship can I also buy more shares into this support service to further bolster support? I will also check out Minnowbooster, thanks again for all this information.

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Hey thanks for that I really appreciate it. Yes I've met others who also say that taking part in contests is a good way to get to know others and at the same time raise your own profile, so I will certainly consider entering contests. Many people though have warned me against using bid bots. So what happens now in relation to Steemit Basic Income, might I start to see additional support on my posts?

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"I had hoped that posting original and quality content would be at the heart of making me and Steemit a success, but I think I'm right in saying that it really is more about who you know than posting good quality posts."

I reckon it depends on your definition of success. If you wanna make money, well, there are ways to do that, but your content isn't necessarily the key to it. If you wanna learn and embrace a community of like minded folks, again, that's very doable but not necessarily dependent on your content.

I am very successful on Steem, but I don't give money much thought, and I don't mean financially. I like to speak my mind and get my ideas shredded - which a lot of folks are happy to do. Being criticized is the best way I know to learn I am wrong, so I can stop being wrong as quickly as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Nifty thing about Steem is that it is so many things to so many people.

Figger out what you want, and design your interactions accordingly.

I certainly have joined the Steemit community to make money but I am also here to contribute, build constructive relationships and share content that I hope has wide appeal. It's interesting that my content might not be the way to making money as you outline, and I think this is what I am trying to figure out most. I do completely agree with you in the sense that being honest, no matter what that looks like, will ensure you come across as sincere and with that sincerity your unique pathway is opened up in the community. Hopefully travelling down that path is the way to success on this platform, in every meaning of the word success.

Something I neglected to mention is that diffusion takes time. Your good content will not be seen by everyone on Steem the minute you post it. As you gain followers, and attract attention to your account by reaching out and commenting on other's posts you find interesting or have valuable information to share regarding, you'll gain eyeballs on your content.

You won't get rich off it if no one sees it, and when you first post here almost no one sees it. You probably know this by now, but it'll take time to reach your audience here, just as it does everywhere else.

Here's hoping for your success, however you define it.

Lol you have faired far better than I have my first 50 posts got sweet fuckall and I was about to quit and one lady curated my post and got my first rewards and I kept going. I don't really care much for the rewards I've been using this for 2 years now, I'm not involved in any communities to my detriment, of course, I just post random shit I am doing and thinking and if anyone likes it cool

It definitely takes some time and determination to build a following and get some good conversations here. It's worth it though! The community is great.

this is from my first year on Steem, again the price of Steem was over 1.00US

This is what I made my first week on Steem and Steem was well over 2.00US

Hey @snook so what increased the value on your posts in the end was it the connections you made and the support received thereafter or did your content start to appeal to a wider audience?

my content got better.
I made a billion comments on posts I liked and got to know people.
was a Co-Host on a PAL radio show
I am active in a few communities
I help behind the scenes in a lot of cases.
I Ran a Karaoke Contest......

I am and was just me.

Slow and steady and do it my own way.

Saw this on PYPT, good place to expand your network ;)

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Add to what everyone else and @chekohler said some clever usage of bots, tribes (tags), burning for "promotion" and doing the grind work to enter contests and or challenges. I think that basically describes how it goes. Really is all a by the ear thing with the added complexity of apathy through incentive due to the monetary aspect.

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