Steemit and Hive - Shall We All Just Do the Stive?

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I think I might have created a new social media approach to the blockchain. If, like me, you have been feeling somewhat torn between two platforms lately then fret not, I think many of us have been trying to work out what approach is best to adopt now that Hive has appeared on the scene.

I have been very impressed with the new chain but I am yet to publish a post on Hive. Why? Well, this whole issue arose in the @shadowspub show PYPT last night and I tried explaining why I hadn't yet posted on Hive. While it appears to be perfectly acceptable to post identical content on different platforms, for me personally I'm not one for cross-posting to various platforms, I prefer to have a more disciplined approach to my content in the form of originality. I also believe that each platform is unique and it's important I get a feel for it and, most importantly, a feel for the community that's built up around it.


Clearly it's early days yet for Hive but I am already seeing some amazing features to the platform. And as many, many Steemians have moved over I'm sure Hive will achieve great success. The price of Hive which is already hanging around the $0.20 mark is a very strong introductory price for any new crypto project so congratulations Hive Coin! I am still considering what post to publish as my first post on Hive and am looking forward to formulating it. Until I get my bearings with the new platform I will have to continue to work on a strategy that will offer value to the new community and hopefully help build my Hive stake.

Although I am powering down on Steemit like so many others, I will continue to post on Steemit for now as I don't see anything wrong with doing so. Who knows I might even stop the powerdown if Steemit manages to move a step in the right direction. But in all honesty I have no idea what direction Steemit will now move in and some early indicators haven't given me grounds to be overly optimistic. However, until such time that I am given a reason to give up entirely on Steemit then for now I will trundle on.

Perhaps it might turn out that many of us will stay with Steem while simultaneously operating on Hive. Yes we might indeed all do the Stive!




You Decide.


With the exception of announcements like poker tournaments and such from @thealliance, I've been doing my best to post different material on each since they really aren't the same. Heeming and Stivin man.

Ha ha! Heeming and Stivin might be the way forward! Yes I think at the moment it's wise to keep posting on both platforms and see where the journey leads. Stive on!

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