I Only Joined Steemit the Other Day - So Justin Do I Start Powering Down My 7K Steem Now?

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This man.....

Well what a day! I literally started posting on this platform on Saturday, that was after vesting 7,000 Steem. Now what am I supposed to do? The hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain has naturally caused a ton of anxiety among the Steemit community. The Head of Communications at Steemit Inc has resigned, new witnesses appear to have come out of nowhere and to top it all exchanges like Binance have helped to facilitate Justin's hostile grab of the Steem blockchain. Some are even questioning the legality of this move. However, I don't think Justin would be silly enough to chance anything that could be considered illegal.



Is it time for a fork away from Tron? Perhaps we should wait and give Justin a chance to explain what's going on and see whether he can move Steem in a direction that gives it more value. I'm assuming that's why he bought into the whole Steemit project, to make a success out of it. Now, whether in the mind of @justinsunsteemit success is measured in terms of stock value or whether it's measured in the context of community value I don't know, but I think the last 24 hours have shown us that he is more stock oriented and views Steemit as his own toy to do what he wants with.

Even if that's the case I still don't necessarily have a problem with it or him, so long as he has some kind of intelligent plan that could pave the way for the Steem community to financially benefit somehow from their stake. Let's not forget yes Steem is a very strong community spirited chain but let's not kid ourselves either - WE ARE ALSO HERE TO MAKE MONEY. I just hope Justin has an intelligent and considered plan that will see us all move in a more rewarding direction. What that end product looks like only Justin knows I would imagine. Hopefully!

As for the soft fork causing all of this that's utter nonsense. I'm not saying for one moment it didn't play a part in what Justin has done today, what I'm saying is that the implementation of the soft fork merely expedited the inevitable. Jason was probably always planning it this way and realistically no one can stop him completely absorbing Steem into Tron. I just hope there is a decent token swap in the pipeline.

What an incredible day. Let's be honest what Justin did today is a markedly different approach and tone to the one outlined in his post 8 days ago when he wanted to set up the Town Hall meeting. So many questions that remain unanswered. So much anxiety within the community. I do hope @justinsunsteemit you can perhaps reach out to the community and explain to all of us what's going on and why you felt what you did today was the most constructive manner to proceed in.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


On my part I am with one foot out the door. Just trying to make money while this ship sinks. But this whole thing is a debacle. Many dapps are shuting down already, core developers leaving. Justin doesn't have a strategic mind, and at this point I am seriously questing were does he get his money, maybe he just gets wire transfers from pekin, because tron is a failure of a coin, posting almost no gains last time I checked.

Hey @cryptolohy7 yes I can understand why you are half way out that door. I hope though that Steemit is not a sinking ship and judging by what's happened today it might not be you know. This whole episode is far from a debacle, I have joined this platform in the middle of an epic battle of its soul. However, it's been great to see certain witnesses today back in the top 5 again who genuinely care about the Steemit community. Who knows what will happen but at the moment @justinsunsteemit is meeting some fierce resistance to his takeover bid, and I personally think that's not a bad thing.

Moved to the Hive platform.

Hi @justinsunsteemit, as you can see @holovision and I would like to know a bit more about your plans for the Steemit platform. Any response greatly appreciated, cheers.

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