Steemian At the Tron Foundation in San Francisco

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We drove to San Francisco to get this shot in front of the building that has the Tron Foundation!

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the drive:


Now that Tron has purchased Steemit, we might as well get used to the brands being linked and personally I’m pretty excited at the possibilities .

Also going on today in San Francisco is filming for the Matrix 4!


Okay so this guy has nothing to do with the Matrix 4 (that i know of!) but his long overcoat did remind me of it and since nothing is actually real in the matrix, maybe this is some sort of glitch!

We stuck around SF long enough for lunch:


Being Saturday however, we didn’t see any Tron employees around as I had hoped so we just walked around the city looking for NEO:


I would still like to tour the Tron office so if someone knows an employee that could set this up for me please let me know:


Until then I’ll just have to take more Mene Box Photos in front of the building!


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Nice place to travel! Perhaps I should hit the West Coast again soon... I was just in the Gulf of Mexico the other week, and now I'm in Michigan... been a while since I visited Cali....

Would to to meet up if you are ever in the Bay Area! In a heart beat!

No working on Saturdays? Shocking!

But it would have been interesting to get to know whether people working at TRON had heard of Steem :)

In fairness I wasn’t able to get into the building so it’s possible someone was in there working :). I’m hoping someone can connect me with them to get a possible office tour