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Has everyone voted for STEEM?


This is clearly the most pressing issue of our time. Or at least the next day.

Sidebar, anyone else notice my battery life? Is this causing anyone else severe anxiety or is it just me?

To distract from this distressing thought, I present this Casper Nugget, found today in my lunch.IMG_3796.JPG

Don't forget to vote for STEEM here: https://twitter.com/bobbyclee/status/865851769116475392

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I voted earlier this week. I cant wait for the end result.


Thanks for voting! Unfortunately the vote is over and steem did not win, but we came in second!


Booo!! Thats unfortunate, I knew that they were really campaigning to have Steem up in the votes. Perhaps another time.

Rooting for Steem!!! 😎


Yeah!!! Lets do it!


We can win! I'm very optimistic about this


Me too

I voted, upvoted, followed, re-steemed, then yeah....I ate Casper. At least you still have the pic.

Done voting,

Please follow too, #redfish here


Great! Hoped you voted for STEEM


Yes i do,,
I comment there



Hopefully, Steem comes from behind and wins


An epic comeback would be exciting :D

Lol @ 5 percent battery life.

First thing I noticed.

Have voted and even written about the poll!

We are gonna winning. :D

Also upvoted post for visibility :)


Yeah! Thanks!

go steem

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@YourBTCC Congrats to all 4 finalists!
Final Round, Battle of Digital Currencies:
Which should @YourBTCC offer?… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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Heck yeah twitter bot!!

Hi, I've seen some of your publications I'm going to follow, follow me and let's collaborate together =)