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So as most of my followers already know I'm a highly intelligent individual, I spent 4 years in high school so I probably have a better grasp of higher learning than your average person.

Today I wanted delve into the slumping Steem Price to see if I could uncover any reason behind it's negative trend..

So I used my wife's home office while was she was at work and on her laptop I checked out @penguinpablo's Daily Steem Stats Report.

There I was hit with some amazing stats, graphs and yaddi yadda.

While it's a wealth of information the graphs leave a bit to be desired so I drew my own.

Here's a chart of the price of Steem over the last month up until today, Friday Nov. 3 2017


I guess I forgot to put numbers on there but you'll see it's down quite far hanging out at 0.90 right now.

To learn more behind this I looked at the powerup/powerdown ratio for the last week


As you can see far more people have powered down thus having a negative effect on Steem Price.


The number above is how much more Steem was powered down then up over the last 7 days.

Not content with that I tried to draw Steemit's new logo..


As you can see I have zero artistic ability. That manifested into what I've dubbed "Steem Sperm"


My wife would be thrilled to know what I've been doing today. That piece is for sale by the way so feel free to message me with an offer..

Then this happened..


I call it the "Steem Peen" Art should make you feel something, tell me down below what you feel about this?

Also that could be labelled as NSFW, but I figure if you're looking at Steemit whilst at work you're probably doing it covertly or your job just has very low what's it really matter?

Well I think that's enough for today. I'm sure we all learned alot here today and we'll all walk away from this better people.

Have a great day,


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hahaha The Steem Peen rocks. I'm concerned regarding your recreation of the new Steemit logo, they said it was copyrighted, so I wouldn't want you to get tino trouble with Ned for drawing it.

Once I had understand the value of having Steem Power and had exchanged enough SBD and Steem for cover a few expenses, I stopped powering down. I needed that little bit at first, before my vote was actually worth anything worthwhile. Now I get to put in my 2 cents worth and sometimes 3 now. I don't make enough to power up, but I don't power down anymore. I also understand how Vests work (not the attire) and how if I want to graduate from Red Fish to Minnow and eventually potentially become at least a Dolphin, I need to keep that SP in my account.

I can understand people needing to power down though, having done it myself, being stuck financially. It's sometimes tempting when I calculate my week's earning and have barely made $5, but I now know the value of SP and want to grow my account.

I think it's possible that since, for some reason, curation was lower than usual for most people, some of them decided to power down o compensate. However, that has the consequence of lowering the value of Steem and SBD and so when they exchange it, they don't get as much as they could have. So is it better to wait, let the price go up, exchange what we have, or power down and exchange even if the price is lower. For some, if they exchange a lot, it compensates and they get more out of it.

The solution is simple, really: Bring more people to the platform, so that more SP can be created. More people x more SP = Higher value of Steem and SBD.

Hey blinky, have u voted in Raybrockmans contest yet? I could really use a vote 😎

I'll check it out!...

Update: I just voted. Good luck :)

I owe u! Thx blinky 👌😎

haha thats hilarous mate. Love to steem sperm.

I think you should take over all stats and reports for steem. Dude, where do you come up with this stuff?

I haven't had any offers to take over yet, can u believe that? 😝 Also idk?..I'm a special snowflake lol

Drop it way down, way way down to a dime, a nickle, I'll blow 100 bucks on it and have it shoot back up to 3$ in six months time. Everyone's spending their steem in Lisbon. Fun Fact, Steemfest is always held where weed is legal, Steemfest3 in Halifax?

Any way, even with sagging prices, the steempeen is looking up,

I read the whole thing and I will walk away from this a better person. Your drawing of the new Elvis hairdo on testicle, that they call a logo, inspired me to become a better artist, wish me luck!

Yes, this exactly what I expected 😊

You're steemit logos look like hurricane logos they use on maps when predicting the path of a hurricane.

Steem-peen and Steem-sperm... I guess they did something because as of now at least STEEM is having a little bit of a rally!

Maybe they impregnated the price? I think I can pretty much take all the credit for any increase 🙌

All hail the market-mover @goldenarms !!!!

Perhaps if I draw and post dicks everyday we can really drive the price up? #dickadayrally!



You and your creative mind


I've got issues 😛 Thanks for having a sense of humor @thekitchenfairy

Hahaha steem peen!!! Love it..... Not the peen itself but your drawing. I repeat I am not a lover of the peen

Hahaha it's on the blockchain now man 😝


For ever and ever... If it's on Steemit, it must be true. Social media never lies!

Lol. Dick drawings are always funny. Dick pics not so much.

It's funny until your wife gets mad you used her supplies to do these type of things 😛 I have to clean up the evidence and I should be good lol

Don't count on that. You've inked it on the block.

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oh gawd my boss just caught me looking at a steem penis! THANKS.. /s

Well if people are powering down.. that's never a good thing. I guess I don't care either way.

Hey BB, have u voted on Raybrockmans contest yet? I could use your vote bossman? 😎

sure no problem! Whats the link.. I think I did vote for you?!

if you scratch my ass Ill scratch yours.. with a stick of course lol

bearbear613 59 · 23 hours ago

In voting for @goldenarms but you better start giving me some upvotes :)

Ok thx g

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I wasn't going to log in today, until I saw this!
Best advice, walk away from the computer and get some fresh air.
Unplug and play in the leaves like you did as a kid.
Go to a store and buy a matchbox or some small toy you had or wanted as a kid.
It cheaper then a therapist and is more fun and therapeutic.
Were all rooting for ya, keep your stick on the ice.

Love the sarcasm, keep sticking it to em.

Hey FF have invited on Raybrockmans contest? I could really use a vote bro! 😎