Can somebody fill my Sp order?

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)

I just wanted to do a quick post asking if someone can go to minnowbooster and fill my order its only 50sp for two weeks and I paid 1 steem. I'm so tired of running out of bandwidth every day.

I can't comment, upvote or post anything its always saying you need to wait 17 hours wich I just did again. This is just crazy I've never heard of this before can't I just stay active on the platform all day is that to much to ask for.

I want to be active and stay positive here on steemit but with this bandwidth crap its kinda hard.
I need steempower I'm guessing to rise this bandwidth limit. Can someone help me out with this problem please?
I don't know how much sp you need but I figured I'll give the minnowbooster thing a try to see if it would help me out, I tried it 3 days ago to but they sent back my steem to me.

How much steem do I need to give up to this thing to get Sp delegated to me? Let me know what I should do please because I'm so over this bandwidth stuff. I really don't want to buy Sp at the market because its just not worth it you give 1 steem =$3.50 for less then 1 Sp thats just to low.

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it, and if you can't then can you tell me how much Steem I need to give up to get some Sp. I'm still a newbie here and trying to learn the ropes. Any help would go a long way Thank you for reading this.


Transfer your steem dollers into steem power and you should be good

I tried that early and its saying transaction error and you get less sp then steem you have