Will Mitchell Loureiro be another Brian Page?

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Apparently memory in the blockchain community is short. For those who might not know or who don't remember, there was a fellow by the name of Brian Page who was hired for a very similar top down leadership position which they called "Marketing Director".

Will Mitchell Loureiro be Brian Page 2.0?

Unfortunately many of us have seen this play before. In the beginning of Bitshares the team at Invictus Innovations hired a person who many thought was completely inexperienced, and who had no obvious ties to the blockchain community, going by the name Brian Page. This person took some unspecific amount of money being on the Bitshares payroll for marketing Bitshares but at the end Bitshares had some of the worst marketing in the entire blockchain industry!

Ultimately Brian Page was allowed to move on from his duties as director of marketing with no measurable benefit to adoption that the community could highlight. Fool me one and shame on me, fool me twice, and you can't fool me again.



Hi, @godcomplex! The content of the post is interesting. Thanks.

Apparently memory in the blockchain community is short.

The problem is that there aren't that many people left from the early days of Bitshares. If enough people change in the community, the collective memory will suffer.

This is a common problem for many open source projects. People come and go.

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