What's next steemit ?

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Will Steemit survive the test of time?

What do you think about ?

  • People vote, in exchange for the votes, they follow in exchange for follow.
  • People with multi-accounts who vote for themselves.
  • A ring of mutual adoration, voters do not even read the posts they are voting for.
  • A large number of voting, commenting bots.
  • It's hard to find valuable posts and interesting information.

What can we do ?

  • Provide interesting content
  • Vote more carefully
  • Encourage developers to develop the platform
  • Let's write comments with constructive criticism
  • When we vote, let's write a comment what we like about the post (feedback)
  • Help new members

Good news, our value increases today:

  • Steem ~ $4,2
  • Steem Dollars ~ $8,9

Let's try together to make steemit better, bigger and last for a long time.