Am I the only one who is bothered by all the spam on steemit? No one cares I found a clear spam exploit? WHATS UP WITH THAT!!!!

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Hi guys.
Last night while I was doing the usual I noticed an exploit of the @promoted bot. @hamo86 is spamming posts and promoting them by using the promote feature. He is making post's with a picture of graph and some generic heading to avoid detection.

The exact method that is being used is.

  1. Make a blog post, insert any random crap.
  2. Promote said post by 0.001 sbd
  3. Get the @promoted minimum vote which is $0.05
  4. repeat repeat repeat

I have brought this up with quite a few steemians but it appears that no one cares.

Am I insane for pointing out something that is potentially creating 10,000 spam post's a day?

I think this is an actual issue with an easy fix.

Just increase the minimum vote to 0.01 sbd for now and monitor the situation.

So guys am I bring ridiculous in thinking that this is a legitimate issue?

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I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 2.27 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @zeartul.

Agree this is stupid and needs to be stopped. Do you know how this needs to be flagged to though. Surely the Steem devs have accounts here, but i don't know who they are.

I have left a message with the people who run @promoted and a couple well known steemians. No one seems to care though. We don't want to be like a government and name the laws after the fact. This can be prevented.

If no one cares then I will just exploit it myself until people care. Things like this need to be ironed out

Message Steemcleaners and also the Chetah bot.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Already sorted bud. Well that one account haha.. I was more worried about the fact that other accounts must be doing the same thing.

I did not know about either steemcleaner or cheetah at the time of writing.

Just annoys me that the owner of @promoted could fix it quite easily. It is my own fault for not contacting him directly(I did make an attempt but a memo would be more efficient. steemit notifications are sucky after all) . I was looking for other people to solve this problem when I can do as much as anyone else. I didnt get that then I guess..Only starting to get it now haha

EDIT: Admittedly I did presume that @promoted was directly connected to steemit at the time.

You literally sent me a memo 10 minutes ago. I just became aware of it now. I will fix it of course ...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I know haha. You have no fault in this of course :)

EDIT: It was my own inability to do something as simple as track you down that made this take so long. That's my bad.

Yeah, check out Cheetah bot. It has a command where you can tell it to ban someone, and it will flag them for further review.

That is cool. I'm still new to steemit I guess. Still learning and making mistakes :)

It's still a thing, right? I recently just made a post and recognized all the Spam and Promotrion Bots under my post. 10 out of 20 Comments are Bots. What is this? How can I prevent this?