Gniksivart's Monthly Account Update

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First off, I'd like to thank the Steemwhales and Steem Supply for having this information available for me to include in this report. I'd also like @deanlogic for inspiring me to create this post (hope you don't mind me stealing the "layout" of the post). I know I've forgotten a few thing, but hopefully, as time goes on just like my account this report will continually improve. The spreadsheet below is a modified version of @lucky.digger's


As can somewhat be noticed in the images above I've loaned about 60 SP and 20 SBD. The value of Steem has dropped $0.30 since the beginning of October. I've been able to increase my account value by $50 despite that drop in Steem value and am hoping to increase my account value by $100 this month.

My achievements this month is I've become more involved on Steem by joining #teamaustralia, #thealliance, and #steemsilvergold for the past month or so now and through my name in the ring to be an English curator for @ocd. Hoping that will be the first bit of good news I receive at the beginning of next week.I had my first $10 post this month, but it just barely fell short of a $10 payout. I think I had bought 1SBD bot vote as well on the post.

My goals for next month are I'd like to make a $10 payout post this month. I'm hoping to start a couple of projects here on Steem, but completing/announcing them for this month maybe a little ambitious. More to come hopefully by the end of the year. I'd also like to give away at least 10 SBD to keep trying to #payitforward to those that are struggling to be noticed here on Steemit.


Just under 13,000 which isn't that bad. Not that great of a metric, but better than nothing. After going through all these rankings I wish there was an account age ranking to see how my stats compared to those of similar age. If I would guess I would be a little behind accounts of similar age for this rank.

Steem Power

Really excited by this rank. I've never purchased any steem with money and have actually used some SBD to purchase some bitcoin. Plus, I've loaned out some SBD instead of turning it to Steem Power, so next month my goal is to move under 6000.

Posting Rewards

Not bad, but a little disappointing. If this considers comments into this (which I'm assuming it does) I can understand my lower rank as I get most of my rewards right now from comments, but trying to shift most of my income to post rewards which will hopefully help me increase in rank faster.

Curation Rewards

This is most disappointing of all the stats, but as a minnow I guess not too surprising. This is the rank I hope to increase the fastest next month and have some plans to make this happen. Should be making that post early next week or this weekend sometime.

Number of Posts

I figured this is the metric I would shine in. I try and make 50-100 valuable, unique, and non-spammy comments every day on unique posts. Some days I succeed and others I don't, but posting comments has been the best way I've been able to grow my account.


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Hey @gniksivart,
you´re beginning to head off as it seems and with your great comments you´ll definitely get successful in the long run ;) Keep going buddy :)

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