Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

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Would you like to know who are your top voters on Steem for the last 30 days because this might be useful for you if you want to thank them?

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

There are different Steem apps that can tell you about your top voters, but I like this one because it is simple and very neat.

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

This is one of the tools on SteemReports located here: http://steemreports.com

When I go to this website I often forget where the top voters stats are, so just follow me and enter your Steem username, then click "Search."

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

You first will see some interesting stats for your account in the last 14 days.

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

I am pleased to see that I have a "Human Content Creator Score" of 88% and have no idea how this is calculated.

You might be interested to check this data for yourself.

What we want is to click on the first "Quick Link," which is "Article Voters."

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

This will go to this page: http://steemreports.com/top-voters/@gmichelbkk

You may just replace my username at the end by yours to see your stats.

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

When you hover over the different bars, you will see who has voted and for what post.

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

You can also see what is the percent for each top voters you have in the pie chart.

Who Are your Top Voters in the last 30 Days?

I hope that this easy way to see your top voters for the last 30 days on Steem is useful for you.

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The most important votes you can make on Steem are for Witnesses. The top 20 witnesses can influence the addition or removal of features in future Steem hard forks. Read my post: What is a Steem Witness, How to Vote and Why?

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Wow, I have a higher "Human Content Creator Score" at 93%, lol, it must mean something bad, has to, lol, I hardly doubt I create more content then you..has to be a trick there somewhere. Thanks for another really informative post.

@sunlit7, thank you for commenting and letting me know your score, which is amazing!

An interesting tool, thanks for sharing. Was surprised to see I am 98% human. With a rank of 315, whatever that signifies, lol.

Great to see that you are 98% human and 2% alien maybe? Thank you for commenting.

Thanks for introducing that site. Lots of interesting information on there! Have a good weekend

Thank you @zhuwa, have a nice one too.

@gmichelbkk that is nice
That is very interesting
You done agreat job.

Thank you so much @suratcorporate for your kind comment.

Thank you for the information! I learned a lot of new things!

I am glad that you did @sweettais. Thank you.

Nice post.
Your post always provide some information

Thank you, I am glad you like it!

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit @gmichelbkk, you are so good boss..

Thank you very much for your kind words @emmanueltare.

Finally, I found a great tool to show my upvoter. If data shows base to up like cricket game it would more perfect. But I congratulate for your valuable invention. I hope all Steemit community like your app. thanks for sharing.

I am glad it is useful for you @sayemsonai, thank you for commenting.

Thank you for sharing it with us. There is a lot of information provided here in Steemit and sometimes choosing the one that you need is not very easy.
It is quite helpful.

I am glad that you like my post @xhevat. Thank you for your feedback.

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