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It hardly seems possible that my last blog post was nearly three and a half weeks ago, but here it is January 3.

December was pretty eventful, for many reasons, and maybe I'll get to some of that in a not too distant post.

Instead, as the world turns to the start of a new year and the hope that doing so brings, I'm still looking back at 2018. Why? For an idea of where I've been, so I can try to improve upon that foundation into 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.24.05 PM.png


I have officially completed one year on Steemit. Again, I don't plan to go into details about that here, but I say it to point out that I no longer (and haven't for some months, anyway) consider myself a newbie around here. In fact, attrition being what it is, I feel like I've moved into the journeyman stage, since I can't really claim oldtimer status yet.


To prove it to myself, I spent some time looking at my placements on the @steemitboard's ranking pages. As you can see from the image above, at my current reputation ranking of 62.844, I'm now at No. 3,590 of all current STEEM accounts, which as of this sampling, was 1,185,688.

Now, I don't know if that No. 3,590 sounds impressive or not (given what many people think about STEEM reputations, anyway, it probably doesn't matter), but when I started plugging it against all of the other accounts, which includes a dead sea of inactive ones, things get quite heartening.

That's because that No. 3,590 puts me into the top 0.3% of all STEEM accounts. If we go by the 85,737 that is suppose to represent the latest amount of active accounts on STEEM (according to arcange's statistical report), I'm in the top 4.2%.

As someone who has not self-upvoted, used bidbots, or fallen into circle voting, I am quite happy with the reputation number I have obtained, and hope to increase it beyond 70 well before the end of the year.

Reputation is not the only ranking I would like to increase. Here are the other rankings I intend to increase as 2019 rolls forth.


I am No. 7,039 in total posts (which were 346 before this one). I need to do some more thinking on how often I want to post, and what about, since I came here with the idea of posting fiction, but ended up spending a lot of my time talking about STEEM and other related activities, in addition to more personal posts that includes my adventures in cooking. I don't know that I really feel like I've found a balance between an audience and writing about what I like, and that has made it difficult at times to decide on topics. So, while I want to increase the number of posts moving forward, I need to find my niche.


Here's where I actually do the best of all the categories, since I'm in control of what I do. With 8,477 comments, I rank at No. 586. That puts me in the top 0.7% of active users. I feel good about that, while knowing I could have done a lot more. Where I go from here with comments is another thing I need to give some thought, too. It's a lot of work, and while it's pretty crucial to networking, I don't feel like I've actually built any major kind of network. There's a very small core group (around 20-25), with who I correspond with regularly, and a smaller group than that, which actually upvotes my posts. While it's great to have friends on STEEM, it's not necessary to comment into the hundreds each week just to maintain those online relationships.

Especially when so many have been winding down, or getting lost in STEEM Monsters, a place I've yet to go. At this point, I have little interest. It just makes it tougher to find people to engage with, between those who are now lesser active or inactive, and those who are spending more time on STEEM Monsters.


Replies ends up with the highest ranking of all, but while I know I did something to solicit them, there's still a need for others to participate. So, this number is more thanks to all of you who have interacted with me at some point, then it is totally about me.

That said, at 11,104 replies, I'm at No. 116. That makes me part of the top 0.135%.


With 12,027 upvotes given, I'm at No. 4,182. Interesting enough, with 15,061 received, I'm at No. 4,175. Very close rankings, despite the 3,000 upvote difference.

While I definitely hope to improve on both those numbers, I feel good about all the upvotes I've cast. I've yet to autovote, so all of those were done manually, by me, after reading and providing some kind of assessment on what percentage of an upvote I should give. The size of the upvote, unfortunately, was driven more by a desire to spread my votes around, rather than trying to upvote what I thought something was worth. I've never had that high of an upvote, anyway, so I try to support as many folks as I can who I believe are doing good work.


I'm not exactly sure how this is calculated, but the 1,147 makes me No. 5,048. It would be nice to increase that number if I could figure out a) how to get more payouts beyond just posting and commenting more, and b) knew better how they tally it. At any rate, having payouts is a good thing, and more of them should be even better.


The 6,057 SP is mostly investment (4,516.5), with the remainder from rewards on posts, comments, and contest winnings. I doubt I will get to invest as much as I did in 2018, so it's more likely any improvement here will be smaller. At least I made it to a dolphin before the real steep climb began.

The amount of SP I have ranks me at 1,967, which means I'm in the top 2.3% of active STEEM accounts, and the top 0.166% of all STEEM accounts. Somehow, I don't feel that privileged, but it is what it is, I guess.


Here's where things fall apart. Instead of following blindly, I have kept the number I track to under 70. Consequently, the number of those who follow me are under 800. That translates into No. 19,442 for followers and a ranking of No. 86,051 for following. Somehow, I'm not upset about that in the slightest. I may even have to pare back again on those I'm following to feel like I'm providing adequate attention to the posts showing up in my feed.


Rounding out the numbers, it appears I've resteemed 541 times, and been resteemed 286 times. Or perhaps it's vice versa. Regardless, that ranks me at No. 2,191 and No. 4,264 respectively. I'm rather surprised by both numbers, regardless of which is which. I do resteem, but not in great quantities, which probably means neither are a lot of other people. I don't feel like I get resteemed a whole lot, either, so again, it's nice to be as high up as I am.


My monthly report for December will be out in a few days, which will probably include some data for the year, since I did that at six months. This was meant to be more about the rankings, and how it might compare with the active and sum total of STEEM accounts.

If you're interested in finding out how you're doing, you'll need to navigate to, and then type in your name in the search user box on the left. What it pulls up first will be how your reputation ranks among all users. If you click on each category link, it will give you your other rankings. Make sure you've entered your name, or clicking on the links will give you the top 25 of each category.

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Howdy sir Glen! wow, 3.5 weeks! haha, now I know that's a record for you right? And it don't even matter since you're doing so well on Musing. Amazing, but anyway you are WAY in the very top in so many categories on here, I think it's darn impressive!


I guess it's a record, @janton, but a dubious one to be sure. I can't think of another time where I didn't manage to squeeze in a post or two, but that was, as you note, before I started answering questions on musing. Still, I think it's best to keep my hand in blog posts, too, and keep my eyes open for other opportunities, just because musing is one app, and apps have a way of coming and going too quickly.

Impressive seems like an overstatement, but I'm happy with what I've accomplished given all that has happened, so now it's a matter of taking those rankings further, and winding up better than I am now.


kinda ambitious there aren't you? lol..just teasing. What other apps can you earn with, do you know? I hope musing keeps going, that would be incredible wouldn't it?


I think there are users who are doing okay with Steemhunt and actifit. I know I see less of the former in my feed, so I'm not sure if that means they've moved off platform or there are less of them, but I keep reading about how great and innovative they are. I haven't tried actifit (though I probably should) just because I haven't been motivated to exercise.

Well, I know you're kidding, but unfortunately, or fortunately, most of us should be able to move up without a whole lot of trouble, simply because there's a lot of dead fish in these stats, along with those who are here, but not doing as much, etc. At some point, it will get harder to climb up (the replies category could be the hardest to move up in since there's not as much room to move and there's plenty of us in the leagues garnering replies), but those categories where I'm still in the thousands will probably see some decent improvements, except for maybe the following/follower. I don't expect to see that jump because I don't follow to be followed, which is how a lot of folks have their thousands of followers.

As long as musing has a decent delegation, or somehow amasses a bunch of SP on its own, its current curated upvote model can endure. However, who knows how long the delegations will last, and how quickly they can grow their SP. They get curation rewards that are higher than most of ours, but still, it would need to be a lot to make up for a million SP delegation. Also, I'm not sure how anyone is getting paid. It's not in STEEM, since they don't seem to have any of it liquid. It could be they're community managers as they call it are working for future rewards, but that's hard to do without some other means of support.

I don't know enough about what's happening there to make an informed decision, though, so anything I come up with will be based on limited information and what I can see from very far away.

I knew it had been a while since you posted, but I figured you were hanging out on Musing. Glad to see you're back to say hi. I hope you're able to improve your rankings this year!


That will depend at least in part on whether or not I'm still dedicating most of the day to STEEM throughout the year, or if I'm relegated to evenings. My wife has recently upped her insistence that I get a job, so I may end up giving into it against my better judgment. It's hard to argue against it as much at this point while STEEM is at $0.27. Okay, $0.28. :)

re: say hi

Well, I've been on musing some, but not nearly as much as I was in November. Between the car wreck, new grandson, two trips to Eastern Idaho to help move my oldest son and family's stuff, then Christmas and New Years with everyone here, it's just wasn't conducive to getting much anything done. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal next week and I get serious again on all fronts.

Happy New Year to you and yours @glenalbrethsen!

I wonder what will be going on here this time next year.

I didn't know those stats existed. Had a quick look at mine but I've clearly lost my mojo here. It all just felt a bit meh!!! 😂

I hope you reach the goals you're after and have a brill 2019! 💙


I'll need to have goals first in order to reach them. I've kind of shied away form long term goals other than maybe SP just because while I like to see where I've been in order to help the present, trying to come up with goals hasn't really been my forte. However, beating month over month should be pretty easy for three quarters of the year, hopefully, so I'll try that and see what happens.

re: a bit meh

Well, we all do what we feel we're inclined to do, right? And go from there. Can't get into it if there's not enough draw, or something more powerful pulling you away (or both). We do what we gotta do, and go from there.

I wish you the same with a brill 2019, regardless of how it happens or what makes it so.


I'll need to have goals first in order to reach them.

I don't do goals either @glenalbrethsen but I thought you were setting a bit of one here . . .

I definitely hope to improve on both those numbers

Having just returned from another great trip to Gozo I'm thinking I might like to travel a bit more this year. I need to start booking stuff though before the ennui sets in. 😂

Great and impressive stats! ImI hve to check mine as I have also thought of doing a review of my year given I also just passed my first year. Engagement is clearly important and I think things will improve over the coming months as things start to stabilize in the ecosystem and the remaining community attracts more users.

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Hey, @newageinv.

Impressive might be a little much, but I don't know how much more I could have done. The first part of the year was a rollercoaster, and the last part of it saw two solid months, at least, so if there were away to extend all that a little, maybe things would improve here.

Engagement has importance, and its place. I'm just not sure that it leads to greater rewards in all cases. Maybe it's meant to bring in the users you speak about, or bring back the ones who were here.

I think the networking takes place offsite on Discord and elsewhere, unfortunately.


You have done very well here for one year (2018) most of all you have done it right


Well, thank you, @wolfhart, and happy new year. :)

I think we always want to be higher up in anything we do, but considering I wasn't even aware of the rankings (or had forgotten about them for months), I agree, I did pretty good. I also left plenty of room for improvement, I believe, which is also good.

re: done it right

I've done it the way I feel I should do it. Right or wrong has a way of getting distorted around here, so I leave that to you to make that call. It just seems to bring a sense of satisfaction to it that I don't think I would get otherwise.


Happy new year to you also

The measure of a man is how he impacts others. 👍👍

Nice job, and that was kind of fun clicking through the ranks.


Thank you, @bashadow.

I like to see more of a comprehensive overview of anything I'm doing, so it's cool to have all of that to check out. So, I'm glad you kind of had fun with it. :)

I'm number #17,812 for posts, and #442 for comments. I worked out I write 50 comments for every post, on average. Probably why I haven't hit rep 67 yet.
In the top 1000 for payouts, and sitting at exactly #200 for Steem Power.
You should get into Steemmonsters, mate. Or not, either way we all benefit from the extra money pouring in :)


Hey, @mattclarke.

Nice numbers, man. You're really close to 67. So close, you can taste it. :)

re: STEEM Monsters

It's really better that I don't. My wife has a hard enough time with me just doing STEEM, and she would absolutely flip if she found out I was playing games, regardless of whatever benefit it might have.

At any rate, SM seems to be doing pretty well without me. :)