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I join Steemit!

Yes, we know all of us that life is not easy especially when we need to pay our bills, gasoline, having a good dinner, celebrate a birthday party, to travel and visit cities, to have a nice holiday at the beach, or skiing in Switzerland. If you have a family, you need to pay the needs of your children, schooling, transport, and clothing. All these are an obligation. It has a price and all simply need money.

Most of the time we are tempted to do things without any intense marketing research, with very superficial information without consulting an expert, family members, close friends. We think we find the solution and we become hundred pour cents sure that the success is in our hands. So we decide to start and run with all the expectations to earn and reach our dreams.

Unfortunately, with my own experience, I can say, 99% we are going to fail.

An athlete without training cannot be champion; creating a business without basic knowledge can ruin you inevitably. I know as a human being we can say “I know what I am doing “I know where I am going” “If I do not risk now it will be too late tomorrow”.

Perhaps yes, it will be too late. Let me give just my simple advice before launching anything that can harm and be devastating for you and for your family.

Here are my simple advice.

  1. Have a goal and a plan.
  2. Love what you are going to do and be passionate about it
  3. Focus in one thing; do not diversify in many different businesses, you can lose your control easily.
  4. Be determined and do not be emotional when it comes to taking decisions.
  5. Have enough Capital to keep your future safe after investing in your dream business.
  6. This will be the golden advice “Be Patient” There is no magic stick to make money in one week or a month. You need to learn and learn again and again. Education is the key to your success. Learning never stops.

Again, I have to say also that it is NOT easy to make money online. Sometimes I listen to youtube, TV, some gurus, specialists, about investing tintheir software or businesses.

They explain that they are making millions in one month, just be careful you can lose your shirt.
In conclusion, I am new in Steemit and learning every day, this is my new challenge for 2018. With positive mind I believe there will be a positive result.

Yes, I am all in and focusing with positive attitude.

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nice nice thanks for posting !!


Thanks for the encouragement..and for the vote

woot! words of wisdom @gil2010! hope your time here goes well for the both of us! just followed you! ooooh and check out my new dtube video! working on some lyric music videos, haah.!/v/sleexy/1bltmwkd


Thanks for the vote yes will check your video.By the way I love music especially Nirvana style..

Good ideas.
I liked


Thanks Blanca yes we need always new idea and at the same time to learn.Time is running fast.

You have great outlook on life so i think you will succeed no matter what!


Thanks for your nice comment.At first it is not about the money it is more on intellectual satisfaction.


I'm in the same boat to a degree? this whole Crypto thing has reinvigorated my life. I've learnt an incredible amount of things that I hadn't realized I was capable of doing. Like creating an account spreadsheet to track my coin purchases etc and how to make and edit a video. Seriously am satisfied with the intellectual aspects of it all! Great post and wonderful advise.

Nice post keep on going and growing!


Thanks for the comment. My goal is to write what I like , hoping it will help and be shared.


For sure keep on going!
i will support u