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In any kind of business from retail to making money online or selling houses or tomatoes the most important is to create a trustful and long-term relationship.

Today with all the social media networks, communication tools your happiness and success in your life will be determined by your good quality relationships.

If you are selling online, your customer will come back and buy your product again. If you are selling in a shop, or working in a restaurant, a good service will create also a good relation. For most of the buyers the relationship is the first step.

In every sale the first stage is to listen and understand exactly the needs of the customer, try to know what he wants to purchase or what kind of service he needs. You can ask questions to understand and be ready to propose his needs. In this stage you create a trusty relation.

Once you identify the problem, time will come to explain the solutions and the benefits of the product or service for his or her needs.

Now it is time for a decision and it is up to you to take action and close the deal. Trust and good relation are the most important and solid foundation to be successful.

Steemit is giving this opportunity by paying our efforts to create in harmony our thoughts, aspirations, ideas and willingness to success.

2018 will be a great year for Steemit.

More members more success, more sharing will bring more earnings.

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