THE ADVENT OF STEGOS(A fully integrated privacy crypto)

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Stegos is the first blockchain integrated crypto which is totally immune to government surveillance. Over the years, data privacy has being the concern of most individual and these data leaks and bridges gives government surveillance of users data and these data are manifested on during campaigns and other activities.
The use of blockchain and dApp has increased freedom as it cuts down the influence of centralized authorities, improving encryption protocol.

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The need for Stegos

The ascent of blockchain, start to finish encryption and decentralized applications (DApps) appeared to offer an approach to recapture some opportunity. By removing concentrated specialists and improving encryption protocols , individuals thought they were dealing with their cash, messages, and security.

Public blockchains actually make it easier for government to spy on us: the details of every Bitcoin transaction are available online for everyone to see. When combined with governmental databases of other data, your public key might as well be your full name and address.

For communication, we have much better at securing information — the real substance of what we send — yet there are as yet colossal breaks of metadata: who're you're conversing with, where, when and for to what extent. Governments utilize this to construct a strikingly complete image of your life. Indeed, in light of the fact that they frequently can't see the substance of flawlessly blameless messages, they presently expect the most noticeably awful about you.

Stegos is more than just a privacy coin

Stegos is built to be faster and more efficient than other crypto. In fact, Stegos is designed to be so efficient, we plan to provide full mobile staking, not just light wallets! So you’ll be able to earn STG from your pocket.


Stegos has three key scalability features:
gPoS consensus

gPOS consensus

gamified proof-of-stake or gPOS. gPoS is a modification of proof-of-stake consensus (PoS), which was created as an efficient alternative to proof-of-work (PoW). PoW consensus requires a lot of computational power which is extremely wasteful, environmentally unfriendly and is beyond the means of all but the richest users.

Sharding is a technique to cut down bulky databases into more manageable chunks or “shards.”
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Stegos isn’t the first blockchain to boast of huge transaction speeds. But that’s only half the story. Consider: the Bitcoin blockchain is currently larger than 200 gigabytes, despite being only able to handle 7–10 transactions per second. If it suddenly supported 16,000 transactions a second, the blockchain would start growing by 350 gigabytes a day or 127 terabytes a year!


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