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I wanted to take a moment to let the Steem community know that earlier this afternoon I made the decision to resign from my position as Blockchain Engineer at SteemIt, Inc. This decision has been difficult for me to say the least; I am going to take a little time to myself and collect my thoughts.

Until then,


Dang, another resignation. At this pace nobody will be left to develop anything in Steemit Inc. With the amateur github job TRON's people did, I doubt they have any future for their precious acquisition. Take care man, I hope to see you on the "other bright side" of the chain soon.

consider that the payout might not be the point...the goal might be a shutdown

There are quite a few gambling applications on the steem chain. Wouldn't be surprised if sun is trying to corner that market as that is just about all Tron is used for.

that is a good alternate consideration

If you ignore all the decentralized exchanges, streaming services like dLive, and BitTorrent I suppose

This is a landslide.. I wish you the very best gerbino

Why the hell are all of you making almost identical posts? All 3 members are saying the same shit: saying youre resigning, short posts with no explanation, and “collecting your thoughts”

Maybe because their employment contracts prevent them saying more.

Maybe because they have been through the same shit lately?


Dude that is exactly what I just said as well. It is very strange they all are saying the same thing. It almost seems like their accounts are TRON property. LOL

Very strange bro and I tried to message you on Partiko about all this earlier but it wasn't working.

Yeah, Partiko chat hasn't been working for a while. We can talk on IG

Yeah I doubt they resigned. Fired more likely

The identical resignations thing is eerie.
What a disaster.
This place is finally fucked for the final time. Ugh :(

perhaps hacked

it could be a group decision... they're all angry/tired for the same thing, resign together, post the same thing and leave...

Maybe they have been forced out.

Doubtful. Blockchain devs like @gerbino and @vandenberg are like diamonds. Only a complete idiot would force them out.

Must have been a really rough day. But boy do I have a lot of respect for you guys💪.

Let's build a more amazing and more decentralized future together

Thanks man. Let’s do it! 😁

Good on you, brother. Never an easy decision to quit. I'm sure you'll land well.

Be well!

I think now it's time to start working on our own community chain instead of Justin's shit. Hope to hear a good news from you soon!


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Thanks for your contributions to Steem. Best wishes for your future.

Much respect @gerbino, thanks for everything you've worked on and I hope we still get to see SMT's on the chain with the community united.

Thank your for all your work

I wish you all the best and hope you stay part of the STEEM community!

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