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in #steemit2 years ago is still growing fast! Thanks to everyone for that.

Since we reached 500 active users in the past days I want to announce everyone registered atm is getting 50 free Upvotes Credits. Enjoy!



Hello @georgontech, How are you? Hope everything well. Just talk to @onealfa why he gave me negative vote. Let's talk with him about the misunderstanding. Or anything wrong then let's talk together. Hope all are well. Thanks

Hi Sam, hope you are fine too. It's not possible to receive negative votes through . So if a user gave you a negative vote, that's his own decision and you need to talk with him. Sadly theres nothing I can do for you regarding this problem.

Thanks @georgontech for the answer. Yes, it not possible to do anything. So The answer is Block them from the system so that they never use the system again. Due to negative vote we are loosing our Upvote credit what we have earned to give upvote others. It is your duty to take care the participants who are not sincere in their upvote. because we not earning the upvote credit freely, we gave our upvote and earning. I got negative vote, so who will give me my upvote credit now. You are the owner, you have to give me back my upvote credit to my account. If it is not possible then your system is not good. We are here to exchange our vote. if you or they don't want to exchange their upvote just leave the system or block them. it is the best way to control or maintain the system. If not system will be failed. Hope you understand my word. We have to work together. Thanks again for the system.

Hi sam, I appreciate you engagement, but I doubt banning users randomly from will solve your problem. If a user decides to downvote any of your posts it's his own decision and has nothing to do with - the user being a member at doesn't change a thing in this context.

Thanks @georgontech for the answer. And it is better to implement what is said by @onealfa I agree with him. Also remember what I have said those who are not sincere in their upvote exchange, you can block them not all or randomly. Now I face the problem. If it continue, people will leave the system. Suppose I upvote you and receive UC and use them, after that I gave you negative vote then your post value will decrees. So what will do or say, if it happen with you. Just imagine in my place and for the system. Thanks you again.

Hi @georgontech,
I have noticed several serious malfunctions of the system:
1- It does not allows to set my minimum left VP higher than 90%. If I try to set it to 95%, it always automatically returns to 90%
2- Even my VP is set to 90% minimum, it still keeps placing upvotes on my behalf, while my voting power is AS ALOW AS ONLY 60-70%.

Other suggestions:
3 - it would be grate to have a possibility to create a "black list" or "ignore list". There are users on steemit, to whom I would prefer never ever give my upvote, under any circumstances
4- it would great to have flexibility to choose, on which posts my voting power will be used, something like "root posts only", "all posts", "comments only". I prefer not have my upvotes be seen by anybody under comments, which are pretty much useless or meaningless, however such comments are collecting 300-500 upvotes, due to existence of this
5- as you do not use steemconnect, would be great to have a possibility to REMOVE my posting private key straight from a dashboard, and not that like now, when to leave the system seems the only way is go through the hassle of changing all my keys on steemit.

Are you on discord somewhere, so we could have a more productive talk on possible improvements?

Hi @onealfa,

regarding point 1, yes 90% is the maximum value for VP, it's implemented like this and I don't think it's a big deal if it's 90% or 95 %, this is not a bug - it's just implemented that way.
Point 2 indeed is a problem. It is possible that your voting power drops a bitbelow your targeted percentage but 20% below your target is definitely not the expected bahavior. Until now, I couldn't reproduce this behavior with my personal account, thus I need to do further investigations.

Regarding your improvement suggestions I think you made some really important points there and I'm, willing to implement these changes on the platform. Nevertheless it will take some time, as I'm the only developer at steemvotes, and of course it's not my main occupation (and as you see above there is a lot of other stuff to do).

Sadly I don't have discord but you can contact me at (georgontech).

Thank you very much for your detailed reply @georgontech

Hey, lass uns asap drüber sprechen deinen Service zu reaktivieren wenn du Interesse hast! Hab dir schon auf Steem.Chat geschrieben. Ist das der #1 Kontaktweg zu dir? Viele Grüße aus dem Süden!!

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Hi, @georgontech, the dapp, is down since yesterday, I can't reach it. Any update, please?

Thank you!

Hey @lightcaptured, sadly I had to take the website offline, as it was just not sustainable to run. I had to pay domain & server costs on my own, which was at some point just too much for me (student life is hard :D ) .

A lot of people wrote me they would like to keep the service, so I'm currently figuring out a way to montize it (or at least making it sustainable). I'm also in contact with some guys who could imagine supporting the project.

So most likely the site will be back up again in future but with some modifications. If so I will definitly let you guys know in a steemit post :)

Thanks so much for finding the time to answer me. Hopefully the site will be up again soon. I would love to help you by adding your account to SteemAuto for voting and give % of the profit to you in order to keep. If all of us do, probably this would be better?

I followed you so hopefully I see the update. Please tag me if you remember to :)

Good luck with your studies!

Ah, and a quick question, @georgeontech, is the voting disabled while the site is down? Occasionally I see a vote coming out from my account and I'm sure I didn't placed it myself.

Hey @lightcaptured, yes voting is disabled. The hosting contract I purchased for steemvotes is expired, so there shouldn't be any interaction. I also erased all sensitive information (like posting keys) to be really sure no one gets access to it. But if you want to be really safe I would recommend changing your key set.