The last camel in Bulgaria is 88 years old from toun of Topolovgrad

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Yordan Chakmakov, 88 years old or, as they all call it, Grandfather Ganyu, is the last camel in Bulgaria, they tell in the morning TV station of Nova TV.
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He is the descendant of Eastern Thrace emigrants who came to our lands along with exotic animals.
His family made their bread with single-breasted animals by the end of the 1950s, when the trucks changed their camels to native Topolovgrad.
A total of 16 genera in the city had camels. They carried with their animals coals for all the mills in the neighboring villages or eagles fields and gardens. The caravan consisted of more than 100 camels.
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Grandpa Ganyo says the camel is a quiet, calm and clever animal. He is easily attached to his owner, but he is self-sufficient. The worst temper was that of males when they fall apart.
"At one time everything in Topolovgrad was with camels," remembers Grandpa Ganyo. - We did not have a train here. My cameling is an inheritance. My grandfather was a rich man because he had 40 camels. At that time, anyone with more than 20 camels was going to be wealthy. She gave her the camels.
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At that time, 16 kin from Topolovgrad had camels.We carried coal, wood. For schools it is wood because a cart in this mountain does not happen. With great snow, nothing can go, and with the camels we carry bread. Otherwise I drank the camels with bread and cheese.
We use the camel wave to make rugs. We turn with camel rugs. Gradually, this business stopped, we sold the camels, and now we are dealing with tobacco. "

I'm proud I know this man! Hi is father of my friend.


...Така и наричаме шеговито тополовградчани ние от съседните села - "камилари", а на Тополовград - "Камиленбург" и те хич и не се обиждат, даже напротив...Живях сред тях 25 години, хора с "интересна" /трагична съдба, някои като бай Йордан никога няма да приемат Тополовград за свое /тогава е било село, населено с гърци/ и сънуват роодните си места в днешна Турция и Гърция по Беломорието...Често останалите живи ходят по родните си села и там показват на наследниците си къде са им бащините имоти, от които са били насила прокудени с по една бохча багаж, за да започнат от нулата по камънаците на Сакар планина...наистина жертви на "МЕЖДУНАРОДНОТО ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ"!

Интересна история,не съм предполагала,че в България е имало камили,освен в зоологическите градини!

И едно време на плажа в Слънчев бряг :)))

това за камилите и аз не го знаех

Гледа ли са имах един колега от там и му викахме камилата поради тази причина от родното му място където е минавал керван с камили

Не знаех за камилите👍🙂

Интересна история!

Аз даже имам снимки на Сл.Бряг като малък на камила.

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