The night before fishing. It's not easy you know !!

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Fishing thoughts.
As my excitment builds for another pike session tomorrow, I tell myself I must get a good sleep tonight.

(Like that ever happens.)

We all know what it's like. Getting your fishing gear ready. Every thing checked and double checked and checked again. Sandwiches made, plenty of hot water for bean juice. Coffee!
Then the tackle. Oh, Sooo much tackle to choose from.
What rod should I use. What reel should accompany it. The choice of lure. Checking weather, tides even.

Then the boat. Don't start me on the boat. So much stuff to do.

Some people think that fishing is easy. (My wife ) That us fishermen just turn up to a lake and start fishing. Not understanding the effort that goes into a successful fishing trip.

You call it fishing. I call it hunting.

Well ! I will have you know, it's hard work. The preparation that goes into it. Especially the night before. With all these things how am I supposed to sleep.

It's hard work this fishing lark.

Just my thoughts as I sit here sorting my stuff.

I will be making a Dtube video Pike Hunting big pike tomorrow. I hope you can join me.

Stay tuned.

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