Can’t lie , even though I predicted ya going lower. It’s weird as hell seeing under .70 cents :(

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I’ll talk in Vlog in the morning. I’m gonna start getting up early again. I haven’t been sleeping well with my spine injury so I’ve been sleeping later but I think I feel much better doing Vlogs early AM. I just feel productive and feel it more. So see ya tomorrow.

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I am thinking it will go all the way back to .07 cents.... what a run we had to $8

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I agree it’s going lower. I said maybe 10 cents so we are on same page. It needs to bottom and then separate from being tied to the whole crypto scene.

I called sub .20 2 months ago. And I had hoped I was wrong.

i bought at the highs. now have good fortune to by the lows. sweeet!


That’s thw attitude to have, find the good, it’s there.

Absolutely if you bought high, buy now and keep track, now you have a record of a high and a low. Whatever you get today, sell off 50% at 100% gains regardless of how long it takes. By the time we get back up to that high price (which we will!) you’ll be frikkin rich!

insert all of that ‘this is not investment advice’ stuff here

Hey thanks for the space @geneeverett! Dude I never noticed you have lot of E’s in your name. 👍🏿

Still relatively holding well. Better than most alts that have lost 90% of their value.


It has lost 90%



This is not holding well