Yayee!! It's my First 'Steemiversary'!!!

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Yes, my dear Friends.... Today is my first Steemiversary!!
I joined this beautiful platform a year ago on this day!!
Actually I joined on June 5th, took 6 weeks time to understand the platform and started posting my blogs from July 3rd week. It's a wonderful journey since then along with all my dear steemian friends, the much friendly and loving souls of this beautiful steemit platform!!! ....


So far I have completed writing more than 300 blogs, and I have tried my level best to maintain some standard in my posts as I was aware of the fact that being @firepower's mom, I too have the responsibility of posting only good contents, to retain that good name he has earned here because of his hard work...


You can check my blog about my journey on steemit here...

My sincere thanks to @dan and @ned for their great idea of forming this steem block chain and steemit.com.

My special thanks to these two guys!!

@good-karma(and also to his entire team), for this awesome esteem application without which it was not possible for me to join and work on this platform.

And my son @firepower for getting me into this platform and teaching me how to use this esteem app.....

Am much grateful to one loving soul - my dear husband Mr. R. L. K. Shevgoor, for the super support received throughout!!

As it is not possible to mention every single name,
I take this privilege to humbly thank all my followers who have encouraged me by reading, upvoting and commenting on my posts, thus by giving me courage to write more and more here on this platform.....

Thank you so.... much all my dear Steemian-Friends and to the entire steemit community....
Wishing everyone a bright future on this platform,
With much Love and hugs, @geetharao...

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Many many congratulations ma'am! Wish you a very happy steeminiversary. For me you are a star writer in this platform, your honesty, simplicity are seen in your writing. I always prefer reading @geetharao's post. When I get time I try to read your article completely. And your son too a good and talented person. After attending steemit meet up at Tezpur initiated by your son @firepower on Feb'18 I restart my almost closed steemit account. So ma'am...
on this occasion I wish your long journey in this platform.

Hi Sir @hemantasarmah.... Thank you so much for your good wishes... Wishing you all the best too... :)

Happy Steemiversary, ma'am! 🎉

Hi @stargreen... Thank you... :)

Congratulations! I can say that you have done well, one of the things that draw my attention is your perseverance, you upload content practically every day and that is not easy for anyone. That is dedication. I'm already going for my sixth month and the time has really gone by very quickly, despite that, I think I still have many things to learn on this platform. The best thing is that here you can do everything and meet super interesting people. Happy day!

Thank you so much for reading my blog @gustavoadolfodca...

Thats great!Happy steemiversary maam!It is an amazing platform which help us not only in earning but to connect from the parts of the world.You and your son are an asset to this platform.Proud to tell that you both are from India.You have achieved in so less time and most beautiful thing of your is you motivate many newbies and help them grow.You have encouraged many of my friends and relatives out here and love to see their success now.Hope you keep encouraging each one of us as you are doing since beginning.Once again a happy steemiversary.
Jai hind!

Thank you @mnishh

Congrats for the successful journey in this beautiful world.You are the most efficient mother of the brightest star of steemit community.Your contributions in this community really inspires us,wish you many happy returns of the day friend.

Thank you so much @maya7...

Congrats! one year passed very quickly it seems to all of us in steemit.

Thank you @tamsguitar...

Happy steemiverssary ma'am.

Thank you @sathyasankar

Artikel yang sangat bagus sobat,, very good your post.

Great to hear this happy steem anniversary @geetharao.

Thank you @kilee..

Great achievement you have pulled here, indeed a very amazing blockchain family and an awesome idea in a platform like this. More achievement as you soar higher Steemon! I've just followed you, you can follow me back @kennyc , let's Steemon more.

Happy Anniversary dear @geetharao you had a great success hope you get a lot more of these.

Thank you so much @aaeesha...

Happy Steemiversary Friend you are one of those kind hearted person have a great day.

Thank you so much @googlefighter... :)

Happy Anniversary @Geetharao its my pleasure to be a part in your journey.

Thank you @saikr..

Yahoo happy steem anniversary for one of the best rated blogger in steemit,congrats @geetharao.

Thank you so much @melianasagita...

You have made me so happy dear congrats for your steemversary dear,wish you a great success.

Thank you @christian.danny...

Amazing awesome happy anniversary and happy steem aniversary lots of love from london.

Hi dear @sarah.taylor... Thank you so much and love and hugs from Mangalore... :)

Happy steemaniversary madam you are a great inspiration and i am so proud of you as we are from same country.

Thank you @deepthim..

Congrats on the Steem b'day ma'am... Wishing you many more great milestones ahead :)

Thank you so much Sir @jznsamuel.... Your wishes are much meaningful for me... Thanks a lot... :)

Congratulation for the super effort 👍...A small 🍰 for the crypto anniversarry. ...great to have you here 👌

Thank you so much @steemflow

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Congratulations on completing such a huge journey here! Your lessons forsure has helped manyvlike me. Keep going ☺
The ones who dare to show up and strive for their needs will always be rewarded.
You are a true example of Simplicity.

Hi @devasish.... I couldn't understand the meaning of the word hige....

Sorry I fixed it *huge


Happy steemiversary mam have a great time ahead.

Many congratulations to you! Hats off to you for keeping up with your regular writings; and incessantly sharing your life with everyone here in spite of several limitations and challenges. You also kept learning computers, typing etc. along the way to keep doing what you do the best - blogging and Steeming. Your excitement and enthusiasm keeps me moving too (..I'm still struggling badly to complete my first year).

I can imagine, what an accomplishment it feels when you publish over 300 posts in a year. I thought, on your first steemiversary, you will invite all your followers to a grand party and I'd be able to congratulate you in person ...LOL! 😉 But I can understand that you didn't organized one as it was the World Environment Day ....what a day you had chosen to join this platform! I salute your wisdom! 😊

Congrats and happy Steemitversary...I also joined steemit last June 30 2017 ,we have the same Steemitversary.

Congratulations on your super success @geetharao.
You are an amazing lady. And we all love you.