World Coconut Day!

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Hi my dear Friends... It was mentioned in the local newspaper that today, the 2nd September is the World Coconut Day... :)


For us, I mean for South Indians, coconut has occupied a fairly good place in most of our cooking. Especially in the states of Karnataka and Kerala I can say that we don't know how to cook if there is no coconut at home!

As everyone knows, water of a tender coconut is very good for health, which contains a lot of nutrients. Even the coconut oil is much good, when compared to other vegetable oils. In Kerala people use only coconut oil for all their cooking and this may be the reason for their good health.

This oil also works as a very good moisturizer for all types of skin, and is used in the making of so many cosmetics...

Every part of this coconut tree is much useful in someway, and hence it is called 'Kalpa Vriksha!!.'

In my childhood there were coconut trees in everyone's compound and now because of the urbanization people just want to keep these trees away, though the fruit is much valued in everyday's cooking.

The price of a coconut in Mangalore is now between 30 to 50 INR, depending upon it's size. And the price of coconut oil has already crossed INR 300 per litre!.

So if there is some place around our home, or at our work place, let us plant or let us atleast encourage to plant a few coconut trees, which will be much useful to us, within next few years or atleast to our next generation!.

So my dear Friends... Plant a tree and let it be a coconut tree, wherever and whenever possible.... :)

Today is also Krishna Janmashtami day. Will come with a food blog tomorrow, as it is already late now... :)

With much love, @geetharao...

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Wow,that's great.2september is world coconut day,great news.Thanks for the valuable informations ,love you dear.

Yesss, I love these nuts!

I was happy to include some coconut in my meal today which made this day special for me.


Yes, @xyzashu ...I still remember you had written in one of your earlier blog about a coconut tree, near your home, which helps someone to find out your home !!. :)....

You always shares something special thanks a lot dear.

I really love coconut especially drinking its water and eating the meat. I just can imagine staying at the shore of a beach while holding a coconut and drinking from it. I never knew about World Coconut day thank you for sharing this with us!

Have a wonderful day!


Yes, I too came across for the first time.. They have decided in Indonesia to celebrate September 2nd as this World Coconut day from this year onwards!! :).

Thanks for introducing this day in steemit,have a great day @geetharao,thanks for your love and support.

Coconut fruit and coconut oil are one of the daily necessities of life, hopefully always healthy and successful @geetharao

Coconut is produced into coconut oil and we use it everyday.

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

As reported by the Times of India, DO NOT USE oil and apply it to every benefit.

Moisturizing scalp and hair. ... relieve chest tightness. ... Prevent cracked hair. ... against eczema. ... Eliminate aches and pains. ... spa oil. ... lip moisturizer. ... Scrub the cell lifters dead when bathing

Wow great general knowledge do you read lot of books daily.

Great photography madam,btw Krishna Janmashtami ?

Namaste @geetharao

For such an awesome day like this one i think this music would suit to it

Have a Blessed Day

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Very nice post mam 👍

Hearing this for the first time is it a festival or its just a day.

Hi dear! Here in Mauritius we have so much coconut 🥥, we prepare some Mauritian sweet, me i like the coconut water to make the juice.

Great information thanks for sharing.