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RE: Liquid Steem Rewards are Here - Math Time!

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I'm not sure, even a decade later, that my father has fully recovered from my not studying engineering or programming. He considers it a waste of my brain.

I like Maths, and work in IT. Pish-posh on those artificial humanities versus the sciences differentiations!

Glad I could alleviate some of the confusion :)


haha, I get where your dad is coming from. Where I come from, not too far from you, if one is any good at Maths or Science, it's sin to pursue Literature, etc... The Arts, as the old school see it, are for idjuts :p

That's the common attitude in most places, I think. The arts are considered a waste of time. My folks pushed me into the sciences too. I majored in Computer Science. I am good at math as a result, but these days I would just as soon prefer not to bother with the details and honestly my mind kind of shuts off when faced with them. It reminds me of an interview I read with Woz once. Brilliant guy, amazing with hardware design and very good at programming too, but he confessed that he has to use an accountant because when he is faced with finance math his mind kind of shuts off because he just doesn't want to deal with it. Thank goodness for Guy here doing the math for us.

Yes, I'm afraid my mind shuts off when confronted with many details, or 'hard facts', as some folks like to call them... By association, I think of Eliot's bird, in Four Quartets:

Go, go, go...humankind cannot bear very much reality