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I am going to give you my insights on the ways to make money on Steemit before Hardfork 19, which might change some of these. 

The first tip is make friends with a few whales or better yet write articles that are so good whales are waiting for them to upvote them, this will give you a large amount of money and put your article in the hot tab on it’s way to trending. 

Manage to get a loyal following of between 50 to 100 people who will upvote your articles on a regular basis, depending on their voting power this could assure you between 5-10 dollars per post and the possibility of getting into the hot tab. 

Join a guild or a voting circle (I was assured these don’t exist, but I know they do) you vote for everyone’s posts and they will do the same for you, your reward will depend on the voting power of the members. So you might think there isn’t much integrity with this, but what is the difference with the loyal followers? They, too will upvote anything you post regardless of quality. I just posted an article and it has made 2 cents and yet 1 comment on this article has made 55 cents, so the circles or guilds work, imagine if this guy makes 50 comments a day he will make nearly $30.00 just on these. 

Be in the voting Bot list, depending on their voting power they could make your rewards sky rocket. I was being upvoted by a few bots and usually had 6 votes seconds after having posted, I don’t know if I posted something the bot master didn’t like, but now I don’t get these votes, perhaps the bots were deleted. 

Use tags that are trending, some good ones are anarchism, libertarian, steem, steemit, crypto, life. Trump used to be a good one, not any more, sad. 

Having a recognized name is great, like for example @dollarvigilante and @sweetsssj, the Vigilante’s posts are usually anti system and there are a lot of anti system people on Steemit, and Sweet usually posts about places she’s been to, and has a nice ability for writing and posts excellent photos. Now these guys have huge numbers of followers and since they do write quality posts they get a lot of votes and are nearly always on the trending pages, if you look them up you will see they rarely make less than 500 dollars per article and many times they make more than a grand.So in this case the key is quality and huge following. 

Now we come to curating, and I believe this is the problem faced by most minnows and the new red fishes, you see I have noticed if I upvote a post that just makes cents or maybe a dollar my reward is 0.001 but if I upvote a trending post I get at least 0.004, I only have one million vests so I can give close to 2 cents per vote, now someone with 50 million vests whose vote is worth at least 1 dollar if he votes for a minnow’s 50 cent post will receive as curation reward maybe 0.05 but if he upvotes a trending post he gets 0.2, that’s a 15 cents difference, suppose he votes 50 times a day that would mean over 200 dollars more every month for not voting for the minnow, and giving his vote to the trender.

So you see this is like real life, the 1 per cent on top get most of the money, and it’s very difficult to get there, but remember it is free money so you can’t really complain.But you could also invest a lot of money become a whale and reap the rewards, this is the easy but expensive and risky way. 

Right now I am waiting for hardfork 19, I want to see if it brings us minnows any benefits, frankly I don’t think it will change much for us, but you can always hope.                      

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Good content for newbies with elements of sarcasm (and injections of truth too) 🙃. Thank you for writing this!

Thanks for the great insight @gduran

thanks for some of the tips, sounds perfect!

great work and motivation

Lets see what happens after Hard Fork 19...thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Great post, very insightfull! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing ☺️

Great post for a newbie like myself.
What exactly are meant by "vests"?

I definately need to follow you to get some more insight in Steem to help this newbie :-)

So now it's after HF19.
I'm still a minnow, but my vote counts for a LOT more now.
My rewards are substantially increased from a few cents to a few dollars every day consistently. It's not much, but it's mostly based on my posts and honest comments, not gaming for maximum profit all of the time- my opinion of the potential for Steemit to truly transform the netz, and possibly much more of society is reinforced. We don't have very much time (20 years? 10?) before the company AIs borg the infrastructure, the institutions, and anybody's who is substantially interfaced with the systems.


Yes, HF19 has been incredible, everyone is getting more money, I sure had doubts about it, but so far I think it has exceeded even the most optimist Steemian's expectations.

Nice article! Helpfull for a minnow.

Thanks for this, I am still trying to figure this thing out and dealing with 2 cent posts. I need to reread your post like 100 times.

Thanks, good post for begginers like me.
Can you explain more about hf19? What wil happen in the future?

Thanks for that. Good this is such a friendly place. I got a few things i wanna get on here this weekend 👍