Another Lock Down Day

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Well things have been extended for another week here in Honduras, now the lock down is supposed to end on the 19th of April, of course I think they will keep extending this until mid May. Yesterday the elite bankers and businessmen demanded a return to normal next week because they were losing too much money, the medical organizations immediately responded no, and the government then extended this period.

So, I have to wait a few more weeks to be able to walk again, which is not that good, last week I was able to walk ten thousand steps but I then had real pain in my legs from I guess lack of exercise and then walking too much. I guess I will get back in shape after this is over.

Hive is still in 103 place in market cap and is worth less than $0.10, I hope they get back on track but I really don't know how they will do it, for this they need to have a lot of money injected and besides that a huge influx of new users, Steemit did this once but there was no competition, now there are a lot of alternatives which is why I really don't worry too much about Steemit or HIve, if they go there is a lot to fall back on.

Now I am on @berniesanders down vote list, the man cannot take criticism, I will just stop posting for a while until he powers down all his Steem but he isn't powering down everything, see this is the hypocrisy of all the people who talk about decentralization and free speech, they can do it, but if it is done to them then it is a crime and you don't hear the the end of their crying. I used to respect bernie but he is no less a complete asshole than any other of these guys. This of course does not hurt me, my account is small, and the Steem I have is little, probably I will just sell everything on both platforms and move on to another that has less people like bernie, yes bernie with a small b. And you know by the way he acts I think he is also @baah, they have the same patterns of being childish.

And frankly I don't know what he is doing coming back to Steemit, probably another butt hurt person who loves Steemit but has talked so much that he can't really come back, that is why I would like Justin Sun to just lower the power down time to two weeks so these guys just leave once and for all, that would improve Steemit a lot.

Well good luck everyone stay safe and hope that these coins, Steem and Hive have a come back.

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